Hiren’s BootCD: Your PC’s First Aid Kit

Windows is a great operating system and it has some good default features. But like every other operating system it requires different software and tools for different purposes. Hiren’s BootCD is a collection of great tools that are packed together. Hiren’s BootCD is useful in every daily routine work and even in time of crisis. Hiren’s BootCD contains everything from password recovery tools to portable Windows XP operating system.

The biggest advantage of using Hiren’s BootCD is that it have 50+ software/tools and no installation is required to use any software , which saves precious HDD space in computer. Every new updates adds new tools to Hiren’s BootCD.All tools contained in pack are full and free.

Before going to how to use the Hiren’s BootCD , here is a list of the software categories included in the pack. Each category have number of different tools to solve all kinds of errors. The list of all software are not included due to it’s biga** size. Full list of software can be found on official site .


  • Antivirus Tools
  • Backup Tool
  • BIOS / CMOS Tools
  • Browsers / File Managers
  • Cleaners
  • Device Driver Tools
  • Editors / Viewers
  • File Systems Tools
  • Hard Disk Tools
  • Master Boot Record (MBR) Tools
  • Ms Dos Tools
  • Network Tools
  • Optimizers
  • Random Tools
  • Partition Tools
  • Password / Key Tools
  • Process Tools
  • Recovery Tools
  • Registry Tools
  • Remote Control Tools
  • Security / Encryption Tools
  • Startup Tools
  • System Information Tools
  • Testing Tools
  • Tweakers

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 How To Use :

1. Hiren’s Boot CD is easy to use. All it requires is any virtual mounting tools like Demon Tools,         UltraISO or Alcohol 120% .
They are free to download and use.Installation will add a virtual drive in  “My Computer”.
Note:Windows 8 users can use it’s built in functions. Do not require any additional software.

2. Download Hiren’s BootCD from here. Extract the downloaded zip file and extraction will be .iso image file.
It can be burned to a CD or can be used by software included in step 1.

3a. If the extracted .iso file is burned to CD , Just insert the CD and and now Hiren’s BootCD is ready for use.
Select the category and click on software to use it.

3b. If extracted .iso file is not burned to CD , Right click on new Virtual drive and click mount>select destination of file and ok.

Here is the end of article. Leave a comment if have any query.

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