How do you know if your Laptop Battery is Dead.


The one thing that we mostly take care of in our laptop is the battery. No matter how much well we treat it ,one day it’s gonna be dead. All those tips for increasing battery life won’t help it last forever, because batteries are meant to be one day RIP.

But, it would be good if you come to know of it beforehand so that you can replace it with another battery. Well, if you’re windows 7 or 8 user, windows will ping you when your battery reaches at it lowest capacity levels. There’s no such functions in XP and Vista.

Windows Warning

Screenshot from How-to Geek
Windows doesn’t provide you much information about your battery. Like it’s default charging capacity and how much of it’s capacity to charge is depleted. It just warns you when it finds your battery at certain low level of death because that can shut down your laptop any second. So, you should use a battery manager for more info and better management.
You’ll a get a Red X at the battery bar when the charging capacity of your battery is too low. You click on it, and windows will tell you to “replace your battery”. There’s no settings to be done for activating this warning. It’ll automatically show up.

Manual Check

If you don’t trust windows you can manually check it by using a battery manager or battery info provider. You can use BatteryInfoView┬áto just view the detailed information of your battery or battery manager like BatteryBar will obviously provide you the info.
You have to check for the wear level in whatever utility you may be using. Here I’ll show you screenshots of both BatteryInfoView and BatteryBar. Information is provided in slight different way in both utilities. In BatteryInfoView check for the Designed capacity, Full charged capacity and Wear level. The designed capacity will show you the actual charging capacity when you bought your laptop or a all new battery. Full charged capacity is the capacity it has right now. The wear level shows how much percentage of it’s charging capacity is depleted. Lower the percentage higher the risk of its dying.
BatteryBar Battery manager shows it in a different way. It shows the wear level in this way – As per my laptop 15% of battery is wore out from 57,200 mWh (Designed capacity).

Consider to Calibrate your battery

Calibrating your battery once in a month will let it provide you accurate info about it. Calibrating refreshes the sensors of your battery that provides windows it’s information. Well, if you don’t know how to do it, it’s very simple. The idea is to first fully charge the battery upto 100% than let it discharge down to 5% making it almost dead. Than again recharging it back to 100%. This will boost the sensors to provide windows accurate information. If wrong information goes to windows that the wear level has decreased and battery is about to die (as it’s not), you’ll buy a new battery and simply waste money. As that battery was not really dead.


The main reason batteries die is because of the laptop heat. As batteries are to be kept at cool and dry place for better performance. You can’t really restrict the heat if you’re straining the processors to play high graphic game or causing more load over it. All you can do is take proper care and not to worry of it too much. It’s well designed to last longer. But one day it has to die.

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