How Much Do Xilinx And Altera FPGAs Cost Today?

To obtain quality FPGAs, you will need to purchase them from reliable businesses that have been doing this for decades. There are two choices that most people consider. There is Xilinx who created the first field programmable gate arrays. There is also Altera which is owned by Intel. Both of these companies produce quality FPGAs. Although there are slight differences, you can always count on these businesses for providing exceptional computer-related components. If you are building a large number of computers or any other type of electronic device that requires field programmable gate arrays, these are two companies that you can trust. What you will want to look at, however, are the prices that they are charging for the different models that they are offering. You can get pricing information directly from the company, or you may find several online businesses that are currently vendors for either of these high-tech giants.

What You Should Know About FPGAs Today

There are a couple of things that you should know about field programmable gate arrays that are offered by both of these companies. They have seen significant advancements in recent years. There have also been increases in prices on some of their top models. If you do need a reliable FPGA, you might want to begin with development boards to test them out. This is what most people will do if they are looking at the different types of FPGAs that each company is selling. It allows them to know if they are choosing the one that will help them the most.

How Much Does It Cost For An FPGA?

If you want to know how much these will cost, you have a couple of options. You can search the main websites for each company and see if they have any prices listed. The prices that are on other websites will be very comparable. You will see a significant price range for these components that they sell. You will see many companies stating that FPGAs from either company are either very cheap, or they can be extremely expensive. To save as much money as possible, off-the-shelf FPGA development boards might be the best way to get the lowest prices possible. These prices can range from $20, all the way up to thousands of dollars. It just depends upon their capabilities, and which company you are purchasing these from.

Which Company Is The Most Expensive?

Although these are devices that are very similar by design, it is sometimes like comparing apples and oranges. The FPGAs that they make are not always used in the same industries. It is sometimes the industry, and what that industry demands, that can sometimes command the price that will be charged. For example, Xilinx is known for providing field programmable gate arrays for the new autonomous vehicles that are being sold today. They are also working directly with companies that sell cloud acceleration systems, but there are also other industries that do not require ones that are this comprehensive. As far as market share goes, they are very similar. However, Intel seems to be able to lower their prices much more than Xilinx. Some people consider this to be a comparison similar to Apple computers and PCs. Xilinx, the originator of the FPGA, will probably command the highest price.

What About The Tools That They Offer?

The type of tools that they offer can also augment the price. For example, whenever you purchase Xilinx FPGAs, they are designed to be user-friendly. It is because of this that they will often charge more than Altera. However, Intel tends to provide software to program these field programmable gate arrays that focuses on design performance being optimized. When you look at them physically, Altera chips are much more appealing. Xilinx is all about practicality. However, just because it does not look as nice, that has nothing to do with its overall functionality.

How High Can The Cost Be For FPGAs?

Looking at Altera first, specifically the Stratix V series, these FPGAs provide you with the highest amount of bandwidth and are extremely user-friendly and functional. It is because of the power of these chips, and how easy they are to work with, that you can pay as much as $20,000 for each one. Despite the high price, this is actually very cheap by comparison to the Virtex 7 FPGA from Xilinx. The unit price for each of these chips is almost $40,000, and they do not even give a minimum price break like Intel does when you by multiple chips. Conversely, these tips can be very inexpensive. You should be able to find them for less than $50 very easily at Of course, the performance level is going to be minimal by comparison to the most expensive ones. It always depends on what you needed for, and how much you are willing to spend.

Now that you know how much the cost is for both Xilinx and Altera FPGAs, you have a decision to make. That decision should only be acted upon once you have done your own research. This information merely provides you with a guideline. You now know the lowest and highest prices that you will pay for the field programmable gate arrays that they offer. If you can, take the time to go through different websites that sell them. You might be able to find a very good deal. If you are going to make this purchase in your city, you sure to compare the in-store prices with those that are on their own website. You will then compare those prices with the other businesses that you have found to make sure you are saving as much money. Whether you need one that is top-of-the-line, or you simply need a FPGA development board, you can find these quickly. Both of these companies are exceptional. However, you can clearly see that the prices for field programmable gate arrays from Xilinx tend to be much higher than Altera, no matter how many you purchase.

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