How Much Would It Cost to Create an Online Marketplace like Wish

The market of online merchandising has evolved a lot, especially in the last few years. More and more buying and selling transactions go through mobile devices, which has led to a change in the development of mobile browsing apps. And why wouldn’t it – around 150 million users have made purchases through the mobile browser last year, and even more are expected to turn to mobile devices this year. Impressive, isn’t it?

Let’s take a closer look at these people. In the e-commerce field, most users can be divided into two groups: businesses and customers. That’s why the whole field can be divided into three categories:
• Business to Customer model. Online stores are the perfect representation of this model;
• Business to Business model. Basically, different companies exchange the goods they produce or provide each other with different services;
• Customer to Customer model. This is where users make deals directly with one another. A good example of such a platform is Amazon.

Wish App: What It Is and How It Works

Wish is a service that is mostly targeted towards users in the US and Great Britain. Most of the manufacturers are situated in China. What’s also interesting about the service is that it provides an advantageous bonus system and an impressive number of discounts.

What else is different about Wish? Firstly, a buyer can make a list of products they want to buy. It works as a kind of rating for products – the seller can determine how popular a specific product is. Secondly, although most of the sellers are from China, more and more citizens of other countries are starting to use the platform as well.

Let’s look deeper into how the app works. Products are divided between different categories. This way the customer can easily find whatever they want. The Wish app works both on Android and iOS. Overall, there are six interconnected projects, each with their own specifics. They are:
1. Wish – a marketplace for all types of products;
2. Geek Wish – a platform for electronics and other technical wares;
3. Mama Shopping – website for parents and kids stuff (suitable for future parents, too);
4. Cute Wish – here you can buy make-up, wigs, and other beauty-related products;
5. Home Décor – a place for wares that will make your home more comfortable;
6. Wish for merchants – an app for people to manage their selling process.
Making six different apps was a great idea, as it allowed the developers to focus on six different target audiences, and it is much easier for a user to find whatever they want.

Creating a Wish-Like Mobile App

Wish is now one the most popular and user-friendly platforms among its competitors. Although it does not carry any responsibility for the delivery of the goods and their overall quality, it has become a number one choice for both small businesses and larger brands. The monetization system it uses is relatively simple – the company has 15% from each transaction they carry out.

Why is Wish so popular? Most experts attribute it to its attractive business model.
• Wish is oriented towards spontaneous buyers – most products are cheap and presented with vibrant colors. Who could refuse it?
• It is greatly optimized to work on any mobile device;
• The already mentioned bonus system contributes to its popularity.

Although the platform has a number of great pros to its system, there also are some not so minor cons to it. They include:
• Lack of protection of buyers’ rights;
• No way to attract regular customers – most Chinese products are not too sturdy. So, there is not a lot of products good enough to make people return and buy them again.

The first step you need to take before making an app similar to Wish is to determine a list of everything your app has to do. The simplest way to achieve this is to create a model – a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). This way you will determine which functions are crucial for you and which are less important. Plus, you won’t need to spend a lot of money to do it.

Here are some of the most important operations a marketplace-like app has to be able to make:
• Account registration;
• Advanced search engine with different types of filters;
• Shopping cart and payment system;
• Clear and coherent bonus and discount systems;
• Feedback and support services;
• Account info with a history of orders and the state of current orders.

How Much Would It Cost to Make a Wish-Like App?

It is hard to determine the price of an application like Wish. There are many companies that offer pre-made solutions, but their prices vary a lot. The price range of these development companies fluctuates from $6,000 to $65,000.

There are a couple of different parameters that impact the price of the app. First of all, it’s the platform you want your app to work on. Next, it’s the number of functions your application will be able to produce. Although it seems reasonable to strip your product to the bare minimum, don’t rush your decision – the more features your app has, the higher the possibility that people will like it.

If you want to create an app similar to Wish, but you’re not sure whether your idea is viable – contact the managers at Roobykon to evaluate your project right now!

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