How to Automatically Start and Shutdown Windows PC

May be you’ve prepared a daily routine and you want your PC to start and shutdown at a specific time. Or else when you wake up just turn it on and when you sleep turn it off automatically. This can be easily achieved in Windows.

Turning on automatically is a bit tricky, so first we’ll see how to shutdown your windows PC automatically.



Shutdown Windows Automatically

A windows PC can be easily shutdown using the Task Scheduler. Open task scheduler by searching for Schedule tasks in the windows search(Window key + S). Now after opening Task Scheduler head over to Create Task in the right sidebar.


Thereafter, you’ll get dialogue box where you’ll have to add the name of task, description(optional) and also tick the box that says Run with highest privileges. This will give admin access to the shutdown task. Keep everything else as its is.


Now, head over to the trigger tab the next tab after general. You’ll have to create a new trigger. Down below hit the New button. Here you can set at what specific time you’d like to shutdown your PC. As below I’ve set it to 12:00:00 AM night and make it repeat daily. Hit OK. (You can also opt for advanced settings where you can set the delay time and expiration time for the task.)


Next to the Actions Tab. Here you’ll set what should happen at the this particular time that you just set in the triggers tab. Hit New button down below. And in the program/script section type in shutdown and in the Add an Argument section add /S.

Here we’re calling the shutdown command. If you want to force shutdown you can add /S /F  in the arguments section. This will kill all running apps and processes and shutdown right away. Where is in /S it will ask if you want to kill the apps or not.


Next head to the conditions tab here you’ll set a condition where on it’s fulfillment the PC will shutdown. So if you want your computer to shutdown after specific time of being idle tick the first box and set at after what idle time it should shutdown.

Also tick the next box which will make sure it doesn’t turn off the PC even when you’re working on it. This condition will work along with the time that you’ve set for shutdown in the triggers tab. And Hit OK.


At last into the settings tab. Here will do settings for, what happens if the task fails. I mean if you set more time on your PC passing the time 12AM, that will fail the task. So, we need to restart the task. Tick the If the task fails, and set at what time it should restart the task and how many attempts it should take. And hit Ok!

You’re done here for scheduling your Shutdown automatically at a specific time. Now no worries of thinking if the computer is turned off or not.

Start PC Automatically

To start up your PC automatically you’ll need BIOS support. Because BIOS is responsible for all the power management of your PC. Follow the below steps:

1) Restart your PC.
2) Now to get into the BIOS screen you’ll have to press DEL, F1 or F12 based on your BIOS version.
3) After getting into the BIOS screen, head over to the Power Management Section. Use your right arrow key to move to that section.
4) Here you’ll find an option called Wake Up by Alarm or Resume by Alarm. This option may be named different based on the BIOS. Here you enable it and set at what particular time you”d like to turn it on.


5) After setting the time head over to save and Exit section and save all your work and exit. Now your PC should start up at the particular time that you’ve set.

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