How to Create an Eye-Catching Logo from Scratch

Try to imagine how brands such as Coca-Cola or Nike would have appeared to the public without their trademark logos. Although quality products undoubtedly represent the core of any business model, outward appeal is just as important. This is why one of the most critical aspects to consider during an initial marketing campaign involves a logo. The good news is that the creation process can actually be a great deal of fun if approached in the correct manner. In order to avert boredom while stirring your creative juices, it is a great idea to take a look at some methods intended to boost your inherent sense of creativity. Please feel free to refer back to the steps mentioned below if you happen to arrive at a mental impasse in the future.

The Mental Side of the Process

Countless online articles stress the technical aspects involved with logo creation. However, relatively few adequately discuss the psychological side. This is quite ironic, as mental preparation is the key to ultimate success. What are some worthwhile exercises to practice and how are these able to produce viable results?

You will first need to have patience. Those who become easily flustered are prone to encounter creative roadblocks early on. Remember that quality logos do not simply occur out of the ether of your imagination. For example, did you know that it took Coca-Cola founder John S. “Doc” Pemberton months to create the iconic Spencerian design that we have all come to know and love? Since this time, the logo has undergone more than 130 years of slight refinements. The moral of the story is that you should be prepared for a fair amount of work.

Do not be too critical when beginning. The chances are high that you will eventually discard 95 percent of your creations. However, always remember that you might very well be able to take digital “slices” from a handful of errors in order to create the final product. Embrace every idea; regardless of how obtuse it might initially appear.

While we mentioned discipline at the beginning of this section, such an approach should never be confused with butting your head against a brick wall if your ideas have suddenly dried up. Take a step back and give your mind a bit of time to recharge. This could equate to a few minutes, a matter of hours or even a week. A good logo will be associated with your brand for years into the future, so there is no need to hasten the process.

Unfortunately, you could still encounter problems even after having implemented all of the advice mentioned above. This is when technology will come into play. The advent of the modern Internet has ushered in a host of unique logo-making tools that can be accessed in a matter of seconds. Why are industry professionals employing the use of bespoke logo generators such as those offered by Oberlo and what benefits do they have to offer?

One interesting aspect is that they are able to transform an ethereal concept into a digital image. This will provide you with an additional level of insight, as images found within the mind’s eye will sometimes appear much different when placed within the digital domain. You can, therefore, know what to expect while discovering any minor changes that might need to be made.

Flexibility is another point worth mentioning. Online logo makers can be thought as virtual sandboxes. You can create as many designs as you wish and the only real limits are set by the boundaries of your imagination. This very same sense of malleability can be seen in the tools that are offered. If you are unfamiliar with programs such as Adobe Photoshop, you are in luck. Logo generators have been specifically designed with a user-friendly architecture, so no prior experience is required. While there is nothing wrong with employing more advanced platforms, the fact of the matter is that basic logo templates can be fashioned in no time at all.

On a final note, most logo generators are absolutely free to use and many are found within the cloud. You will not be required to download any type of software and they can be accessed on mobile devices at will.

The main takeaway point of this article is that designing an eye-catching logo is not merely concerned with technical aspects. It will require creativity and an open mind. As seen in the example mentioning Coca-Cola, the process itself could be a long journey and yet, the potential rewards are worth the initial effort. Logo makers are amazingly intuitive tools and their advantages should never be overlooked. Whether you already have an image within your head or you wish to start from a blank slate, such online tools will come in handy.

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