How to Create Strong Passwords Easily

Passwords and security codes are the most delicate things on internet. Even sites with strong encryption can’t keep them safe. Internet security is a major topic. Encryption from server side is just not enough. You as a user also need to take some security steps. Today’s article is about the most important security step a user should take which is to create strong password.

Laziness just won’t work. Many users keep passwords same for all their accounts on internet. That’s what dumb and lazy people do. If one of your account password gets compromised, there’s definite chance other accounts will too.

Well, we have shared before articles on protecting your PC from malware and avoid third-party sites from tracking you. This article is another installation into the security section.

Well, first of all. What makes a strong password? You might have read the below given steps somewhere:

  • Should have at least 8 characters.
  • Should contain lowercase and uppercase characters, number and a symbol.
  • Shouldn’t contain complete readable words and your Names.

In short, your passwords shouldn’t be easily recognizable by computing algorithms that intruders use to steal your money or data.

If you’re just too lazy to create unique passwords for your accounts and can’t manage them then you should use a password manager. Password Managers help you manage your passwords through a master password. You only have to remember the master password and Manager will automatically create unique passwords for all your accounts. Here, I’ve listed different web tools and Software that can help you to create strong passwords and even manage them.

1. Create strong Password with Secure passwords

There’s a great tool named Secure Passwords (created by Amit Agrawal). The tool is available as web app, chrome extension, Android app and also as a single-page app. Without wasting anytime just watch this video below to actually get started with this tool.

The passwords are created using “bcrypt” which is resistant to any brute-force attack and is impossible for anyone to crack the master pass phrase. You just have to remember the master key and the app will present you the password based on the site name and username.

Whole of the computing is done offline, so none of your data will go out of your machine. You can also store the single-page app on your Dropbox so that your passwords will be available everywhere you go.

2. LastPass



LastPass is the best online Password Manager I’ve ever used. It automatically creates strong passwords, auto-fill forms, it also remembers your passwords and you can use them with just one click when you want to sign in. No need to type.

A feature that I loved that it automatically changes your password on a website if that site gets compromised. Other additional features contain credit monitoring and Two-factor authentication using Google Authenticator. Even you can audit your passwords.

It supports all mainstream OS –  Windows, OS X, Linux, Android and iOS. In order to use some more lucrative features you got to have premium access. With premium account you get to use LastPass on your Mobile too.

3. Random Password Generator


If you’re not lazy and are capable enough to manage your own passwords then here’s the best random password generator for you. It’s a password generator that keeps necessary options selected that you’ll need for a strong password so that all you have to do is just click on generate password.

It also gives you key to remember that password. Along with that a bonus of big list of tips to keep your accounts safe from being comprised (Which surely no one reads).I definitely recommend this standalone password generator.

4. Google Authenticator

Well, if you don’t want to worry about your passwords than you can set up a Two factor authentication for that account. Google Authenticator can help you do that. Google Authenticator is an App that let’s you set up a 2 Step verification for an online Application or Website that you might be using.

The 2 step verification includes first your password and second a authentication code that you can only get from the Google Authenticator App. The App is available for Android, Apple and BlackBerry devices. You can more details of the App here.

The only limitation is that your Website should support Google Authenticator. Well, all popular websites, including all social media sites have the support. We have shared before on how to add Two Step Verification to your WordPress site and also how to bypass it.

That’s all for today. Tell us what is your best way to create and manage Passwords. Also, which one of the above Applications are good are they worth it according to you?

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