How to Design a Web Page – 5 Steps

What makes you interested in luxury watches like Panerai or Rolex? One of them is of course design. So is the website. Design is an important factor that makes people interested or even ignores a website.

Many of us already know the importance of having a website with which to advertise and make a space on the Internet. But we also know how complicated it is to design a web page from the beginning. With a web page, you can promote your business or product and position it in search engines and you can also create a marketing strategy. But to be able to make a website attractive enough, you will have to follow a series of steps that we detail below.

How to design a web page: First steps

1. Conception of the idea

This is the first thing you have to be clear about when you want to design a web page. The world around us has become a bit messy and the Internet is no exception. You have to know what kind of web we want and what we want to offer with it. Advertising, promotion, entertainment … All this has to be very clear before moving on to the next steps. Ideas are the backbone of the website and you cannot ignore your backbone when you want to do your activities. However your website is designed, it will not be separated from the initial idea instilled. A quality website is supported by quality ideas too. And every cheap website must have a cheap idea. Be careful with your idea because it is the backbone of your website.

2. Prototype of your web page

Now that we are clear about what we want from our website and we know what it is going to offer, we must move on to preparing a prototype. We are going to have to do this with paper and pencil, since this is a fundamental step for any type of web development. We seek to leave reflected in the paper that is what the web will do in different cases. So we will see at any time what problems there may be or what type of design is the best.

3. Mockup of the web

And we started with the good. It is time to put on paper the different aspects that our website will have. Where will be the title, the menu, the content, how the footer will be … And all this with its measurements and the main objective of the element. In this way, we will have a conceptual map with which to know what step we are in and what is next. Thus the web development process will be ordered and with the minimum possible errors.

4. Expert web designer

It’s time to contact an expert designer. With all that we have advanced in the web development of our website, this is the ideal time to talk with an expert designer. He will analyze your idea and make your website look as good as possible. Perform a series of business studies with which to determine the style of letter, colors and types of images. Finally, you can start to develop the web, so that soon we will have everything necessary to keep our website on the air, or rather on the network.

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5. Testing of your web

In every process of designing a website and before putting it on the Internet for the rest of the public, it is time to test it, to detect all the possible problems it may have, to see that everything is in place and above all that it is functional. At this time, you can also use as testers friends or family who have never seen the website. This will give you a report of what the users will see and what their experience will be.

If you want to be thorough, we recommend you try several resolutions to make sure that your website looks and works correctly in all of them. If you have a problem, go back to the prototype stage and use the web page creator to solve it. After solving the contingencies, your design will finally be ready for the public. Many amateur site owners fail when they launch their pages to the public. They pay less attention to the resolution and that is fatal for the survival of their website, at least at first glance.


If you have a professional looking website, then you have already won half the battle. With good design, people will pay more attention to what you have to say and this way it should be easier to get conversions. The good news is that you do not need to be a professional to learn how to design a website that looks fantastic. All that is needed is to follow some of the best practices, use the right tools and work until your site looks great.

Do you have any questions about how to design a website in WordPress? Ask us!

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