How to Find your Lost Android Phone


Lost your Android smartphone? Don’t worry Google has created an app to rescue your phone and get it back in the comfort of your hands. It’s called the Android device manager.

It’s an app that you gotta install it on your phone. Give it the administrator permissions. And if your phone gets lost, just open the web interface of the android device manager and it’ll show you the location through GPS and also gives you more options like make a ring, lock it or erase your data. So, let’s see how you can perform all these functions. And trust me it’s damn easy!

Set up Android device manager

  1. Download Android device manager from Play store. Some devices may have it pre-installed.
  2. After installing you have to sign in. You can sign in only through a google account. And make sure you remember this account because Google will associate all your phone’s data with this account. And also use this account to sign-in on the web interface.
  3. Now that you’ve signed in, android device manager needs to have your phone’s administrator permissions. To do that, get into your System settings > Security > Device Administrators and hit the check box for android device manager. This will give the Manager to perform administrator actions. find lost android phone-1

You’ve set up the app now. Now let’s see how you can find your phone using this app.

How to Find your Phone using Android device Manager

Well, the key to finding your lost phone is using Android device manager’s web interface. Here too you need to sign-in with the Google account you used to sign up in the App.

Few things to keep in mind:

  • Your phone must have some battery life and should be turned on.
  • The device should be connected to the internet. Actions will be performed after it’s connected.

You can consider this as a con of using this method. But, these are pretty obvious prerequisites.

As mentioned before you can use this application to locate your device via GPS, lock it or erase your data. But, primarily though you’ll look for location. Let’s have a quick look to all these three features.

Locate your Device via GPS

It’s damn simple. All you need to do is Manager’s web interface and it’ll automatically pinpoint your phone location on the map. If you’re not sure that you had made any changes to your device’s location settings. Then, just click on the GPS icon on the device info card.(in the top right corner.)


The manager won’t show you the accurate position of your phone. It’ll be just approximate. So, next you what you would do is take help of your ears to locate where it is. I mean ring your phone.

Ring to locate your Device

Now just click on the Ring icon on the device info card. It’ll automatically ring your phone. And the best thing is that no matter if it’s in silent mode, it’ll ring aloud at full volume. Mostly the Alarm clock ringtone plays during this ring.

ring-locate-lost-phone-android It can be mostly used it at your home if you misplaced your phone and you don’t have any other phone to make call to find it. So, this can be an alternative to finding your phone in such situations.

Lock your Phone for Privacy

This feature can be mostly used in situations where you are sure that you’ll get your phone back, but, you don’t trust the person that may be holding it. You are pretty sure of your phone’s recovery but the person holding it is half good.

So, for the privacy of your data you can lock your phone by simply clicking on the lock icon. You’ll see following screen.



Here, you’ll set the password and be sure it’s not your google account’s password. You can also show up a message on the lock screen and also the phone number you want the person to call you to hand over your phone back. Not bad!

Wipe out all the Data

Well, if you’re sure that you’re not going to get your phone back than the first thing you should do is erase all your data. Click on the erase icon and you’ll see the following screen.


The erase will only occur on the Internal memory storage and not on your external sdcard. It’ll perform a factory reset and also you won’t be able to use android device manager. So, be perfectly sure before executing the erase function.


We’ll share more tools in future that can help find a lost phone. If you’ve used any other tool then do share them in the comments.

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