How to get instantly notified when an App goes Free


Appzapp is app news website where they show best apps that are on sale or have gone free. Eventually, I found that they’ve got a channel on IFTTT(If This Than That). [For all those who don’t know about IFTTT you should head over to their site. Their homepage content can easily make you understand the concept behind the app. It was also listed as top apps in April 2014.]

Well, on Appzapp’s channel they’ve created many recipes. Recipes include new apps on sale and those that have gone free. You can have a notification for that through pushbullet or a direct android notification for instant response. Also you can get an email digest everyday at specific chosen time. And of course you can create a recipe of your own. Same goes for apple app store. So, go activate them if you really get excited when your favorite paid app goes Free.(who doesn’t!)

For all those who have never used IFTTT, we’ve gotta walk through below.

Quick walk through for those unknown to IFTTT

  • Download IFTTT and sign up. Head over to the appzapp channel.
  • Activate the channel. And choose one of the recipes of your choice. Here for walkthrough I’ve chosen recipe to send me an email every day. It’s much more convenient and you know when you’ll be notified.
  • Then select your country and category of app you’d like to get notification of. And hit use recipe.
  • After turning on the recipe you can now fully customize it according to your needs. As now it’s your personal recipe you can change the time when you’d like to get the email and structure of email all in the Action section of the recipe.
Tell us down in the comments if this is a great way to be notified of apps or you’ve got any other better idea.

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