How to Increase the Battery life on your Windows Laptop


Battery is the first thing that comes up in your mind when you take your laptop out with you. I always keep my laptop at hibernate so that I can quickly check the battery life. Sometimes I even forget my charger. That’s a real headache to give a special attention to your battery. Well, you really need not to keep your eye every time over the bottom right corner of your screen, unless, you’ve configured your laptop for better battery life. The configuration and settings that I’ll show you here will not super improve the battery life, but will surely bring a significant increase to satisfy your mind.

Decrease brightness

The biggest battery sucker is your display. Always keep your brightness low. You’ll be usually using your laptop in less light area, your room or office. So, keeping the brightness the lowest will surely increase your battery life. Every windows laptop has a function (Fn) key to manage your laptop. There are two keys to increase and decrease brightness. They should probably look like a lighting sun. The sun with low light will decrease the brightness. I’ve got it on a function key F5. So, press Fn+F5. Long press will give minimum brightness.

Turn off display

The laptop display stays active for few minutes even if you’re not doing any activity on it. So, that can even drain your battery. Your smartphone also has this function to turn off display in few seconds. That’s in seconds because it’s touch screen and you always have you’re thumb on it. But, on your non-touch laptop you keep it active by moving cursor or clicking. So, you should reduce the turn off display time.

You need to change that through power option settings. In windows 8 you can directly search (Win key+S in desktop mode) and type power and sleep settings. On windows 7 search for power option > choose when to turn off display. Make the battery power turn off  after 1 minutes and plugged in turn off afer 3 minutes.


Disable Bluetooth and WiFi

You should disable your Bluetooth and WiFi as that can become a major cause of battery drainage. Just enable when you want to use it. Enabling and disabling can be done from the taskbar easily.

Change your power plan

There are two power plans provided by windows. Balanced and power saver. The balanced power plan balances the the RAM usage of your applications. It can cause more battery usage but gives better windows performance. The power saver plan reduces the RAM usage and some of the application may not work smoothly as they work in balanced plan. So, it affects the performance of OS.
You should change the power according to the work you’re doing on laptop. If you’re just writing in MS word or using some light weight application that makes use of less graphics and RAM, or may be you’re just downloading something. You should switch to power saver. Else, if you’re playing games or using photoshop. Change it to balanced power plan. Also there’s a High performance plan. Which I’ll surely not use. You can ¬†create your own plan that depends on you and the type of work you do. You can find it setting in power option > create power plan.

Hibernate instead of Sleep

Sleep actually keeps running the desktop application with display turned off and when you open back the lid or press any button it just shows the display back. The power is ON and that drains the battery. In hibernate the computer actually saves all the work you’re doing and temporarily turns off until you press the power button. It makes no use of battery as laptop is turned off. You should hibernate when you will be not using the laptop for few hours. Sleep is not good idea for long hours. You can choose the hibernate option by pressing alt+F4 or change the settings in the power options > Choose what closing the lid does.
Well, if you’ve been using your laptop for a long time. May be for 1 or 2 years. You should change your battery with a new one. Often, batteries get dead after a long usage.

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