How to Instantly Install Windows Software using Command Prompt

Short-Description: Installing software is now made easy. Do it the Geek’s way using command prompt and quickly install a software on your windows PC with less time consumption and by using just three words. 

So, you know how to install a Software? Of course. Just download the installer file, open it then clicking next several times, untick unwanted toolbars and hit finish. Don’t you think this is pretty annoying and consumes more time?Now, what if I tell you can install a software instantly by just using “three” words. Oh c’mon Ab don’t mess around with us just show us the method you’re talking about. That’s what you’d be probably saying.


Well, I’ll just show you how I download and Install a software by using just three words and doing nothing else.

Installing Software instantly

I’m going to use here a Machine Package manager called chocolatey. Also, Command prompt with Admin access in which i’ll run the Chocolatey installation commands. Here I’ll be installing notepad++. So, here’s the demo in screenshots. (I’ve explained everything below the demo.)

1) Open command Prompt with administrator permissions and i’ll type in choco install notepadplusplus.


2) Hit Enter and let the package manager find the installation file, download it and install it automatically without disturbing me in the other work that I was doing on my PC.


Well, that’s it! Notepad++ is installed on my hard drive. All I did was type in three words and hit enter. The easiest and best way to install a software. Now, let me explain me what actually I did above step by step with full explanation. And this time you’ll do it step by step.

How to Quickly install Software using Chocolatey

Step-1: Install Chocolatey
Go to the chocolatey’s official website. Copy the code given in the first box as shown below in the screenshot. (Installation process of choco is also available on their homepage.)

After that you’ve copied the code from their site. Open command prompt with admin access. Right click on windows icon for more options.


Now paste the code into command prompt by right clicking and hit paste.


After pasting the code hit Enter and the installation of chocolatey package manager should start. You need not to do anything, it’ll install itself. After the installation is complete you’ll need to close the command prompt and open it again to make Chocolatey work.

Step-2: Finding a Software Package to install

Now, that you’ve installed you need to find the software package that you want to download. We’ll take the above example of Notepad++.

Well, as I said just three words, but those three should be clearly prefect while typing in. No spelling mistake or mistyping the command. I’ll explain the keywords first.

choco : This calls the chocolatey package manager. Command prompt tells the package manager to wake up for the work.

install : This is a command that is to be given to the package manager. It’s pretty simple we want the package manager to install a software. So install keyword is used. (There are many commands you can use more given down below.)

notepadplusplus : Now this the package name that we want to install and chocolatey can identify the package only if we add this keyword. Not notepad++ or NotepadPlusPlus. It’ll give error.

So, how to find the package name that you want to download? For that there’s another command  search. So, if you want to find package name for notepad++ type in:

choco search notepad++

Or else just you can use just notepad to get broader search results. Also, you can find packages on their website too. So, that way you can find any package you want to find and install. And make sure you don’t mistype the keywords. You can also add version number to download specific version of that software.

Step-3: Type in Command and Hit Enter

Now all you have to do is type in the command to install.

choco install notepadplusplus

And Hit enter! That’s all you have to do. The software will be installed in Program files (x86) folder if it is 32 bit software or in the Program Files folder if it is 64 bit.

Update and Uninstalling Software

Now that you’ve installed the software how can you update or uninstall it? Even updating and uninstalling is simple. To update a particular software type:
chocolatey update packageName
Or else you can simply type “cup” instead of “chocolatey update”.
cup packageName
Also, you can update everything that installed on your PC. Using,
cup all
Well, I think you can now guess what will be the command to uninstall a program.
chocolatey uninstall packageName
Now, if you want to know more of it commands and functions. Type,
chocolatey /?
This will show you all of it’s information, commands and examples.
Now, just go play with it and have fun!  Also, do let me know in the comments about chocolatey, how helpful it is and what stuff you downloaded?
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