How to Make Your Site More Profitable

Venturing into the world of world wide web in search for profit may be the smart thing to do, where people with low investment capital and innovative ideas can create a fortune. It is known that the internet is the biggest market with the highest amount of connected people making it a perfect landing point of any business venture regardless of the industry niche.

In this article, we will cover a couple of tips on how to turn your website into more of a money-making machine.

Technical Aspects

There is no profit without a seriously organized, optimized and designed website. There are certain landing page builders that can help you achieve just that. Few things to point out while setting up your website:

Your design needs to be “fool-proof” – that means anyone that lands on your page can easily navigate and find all the necessary information.

Responsive design – Mobile first. It is known that most of the web surfers online are using their mobile devices while accessing web pages, so think ahead.

Speed – Don’t allow your page to be loading endlessly. Fast loading websites retain more customers and therefore more profit.


After setting up a great looking and optimized website we need to create content that will bring us revenue. By creating a relatable content you are organically driving traffic from search engines to your website, therefore, ranking yourself higher in search results.

What is relatable content? It is a type of content that everyone can correlate, type of content that never gets out of fashion.

By creating such content you are building trust between the user and yourself and they will in best case keep going back for more generating that much-needed traffic that we’re going to refer just now.


There is no profit without traffic. By completing two steps above the next thing is to attract people and generate traffic. Luckily there is a thing called AdSense that can help us with that. Be sure to comply with the guidelines and apply for the AdSense program which essentially advertises your website across the Google services in order to drive visits and traffic.


It is always advisable to have a certain (digital) product on the website that will drive sales, such as online books, music or any form of digital material. If that is not the case there are several options that can still lead to generating revenue from your website.

Donation software. Excellent way of gathering revenue is donation software. Often users after reading/listening to something that is free on your website have an urge to reward it. Why not put a small box letting them do so?

Affiliate marketing. Your website is tightly connected to a certain branch of business? Why not join in with partners and start selling their product on your website. This way you will earn a percentage of every sale on your website and you will further increase the trust between your visitors and yourself.

Lease advertising space. We are all familiar that Ads and banners are one of the first options when looking to monetize a website. The thing we don’t know Is that often these ads don’t have to be not so “eye-pleasant” and boring. There is a various number of digital banner options that actually look astonishing.

Offer a membership. Memberships are great sales drivers. If you’re willing to create an exclusive content reserved only for your paying members you may create a membership program offering just that.

Offer training and consulting. Are you an established person in your industry? Why not offer online consulting to those in need of your advice?


Making a profit on the internet doesn’t come with ease as it may seem in the first place. Start your website, be sure to optimize it using existing tools, create high-quality content, drive traffic and start monetizing your website using some of the tips explained above.

Success and profit may not come overnight but when it does it will provide you with a constant stream of revenue for months to come.

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