How to Moniter your Computer Remotely Using Dropbox

I’m really a great fan of remotely controlling and accessing devices. I was searching over internet for an  easy way to remotely control a computer. And, Google dropped me over a great guide on The trick doesn’t help you control your computer but it let’s you easily monitor it. I was surprised the way the author used Dropbox to monitor it.With this trick you can spy over your own computer. May be you’ve got some crucial and sensitive content and you’d like to spy if someone checks out your PC for that content.

The idea is pretty simple. You have to automate you computer to take screenshots of the active screen at particular time of interval and use a utility that can make those screenshots available across other devices. All you need is a autohotkey script that can automate screenshots and dropbox to make it available across other devices.

There is a dropbox app called screengrabber that automatically uploads all screenshots to dropbox. So you need to download it. In this app you need to get into the settings and disable the toast notifications. Because you don’t want the person to know that screenshots are being taken.

Now, use the below given autohotkey script to automate the screenshots to be taken at every 5 minutes. The default hotkey for screengarbber is SHIFT + F10. So, whenever the hotkey is pressed, screenshot is taken and uploaded to dropbox. Below is the script that you need you need to save as .ahk.

   Sleep, 300000

So, now you can easily track if someone is using your computer without informing you. Everything works silently in the background so no one would probably know of the process going on.


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Screenshots from Author’s site.
[Digital Inspiration] Monitor you computer remotely with Dropbox

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