HOW TO: Play Music using Physical Buttons on Android

Ever wondered a life without music? It would be nightmare. Music is part of everyone’s daily life, along with that – Music Player! There are wide range of Music apps to choose from on Play Store. Default music player Walkman, or other apps like Mx Player, Apollo are fine example of providing the basic control on your favorite unique music collection.

It includes the basic much needed Play/Pause function, changing track [Next/Previous] and some bonus features as to “favorite” particular songs, shuffling the songs and so on. But, all these operations are commanded using touch screen. What if you could do all that with use of your phone’s physical buttons? No need to unlock the screen and navigate through the app to perform a specific operation.

Nowadays, it requires more than those basic functions for Music Players. Everyone accesses Music Player in different situations. In gym, while jogging, traveling, doing boring stuff or just to kill some time. In all these situations, music player fails to provide complete Physical control over the music. Some Musics player apps gives user an advantage of partial physical control, but that’s it!


So a quick solution for that is a use of new app developed by member “XspeedPL” of XDA-Developers forum. The Xposed mod “Physical Button Music Control” allows the user to set their own controls using Physical buttons of Android Device. Physical Button includes camera shutter button, volume up-down key, power button and any other buttons device have. So about “Physical Button Music Control” aka PBMC :

It requires: 

-A Rooted Android Device.[Sorry but can’t help you with that.Rooting process can be found by “Google”]
-From Android 2.2  to all newer Android Version.
-.apk installation file,available Here.

Quick Review:

The App allows following functions while screen is off.Note that screen must be off for app to work:
-send media play signals
-send media next/previous signals
-send volume up/down signals
physical button music control - 1
General settings: Plug and Play option which plays music when headphones are plugged in.Also allows to set the volume in that event.
physical button music control 2

Play/Pause Media Signal:Allows to play or pause the track using the physical button.

physical button music control 3

Volume UP/DOWN Signal:Allows  to change the volume using the physical buttons.

play music with physical button android

Next Media Signal:Switch to Next track using Physical Button.

use physical buttons to play music android

Previous Media Signal:Switch to Previous track using Physical Button.


play music with physical buttons on android

physical button screenshot android

Can choose from a list of physical buttons for all the above functions according to user’s needs. Also can set Key Hold time to prevent any event due to accidentally pressed button. By checking this fuction,user will have to hold that Particular Button for particular time inputted in app for function to work.

The App is still upgrading so don’t feel bad if it not works on your Device. Check back to download page time to time for new app version.

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