How to Remotely control Youtube from your Smartphone


We here at All Tech Flix are a fan of remotely controlling things. So, today I’d like to share a tiny little how to guide on controlling Youtube remotely from your smartphone (iOS and Android). Well, you may be knowing that smart TVs now a days have Youtube app pre-installed and can be easily controlled through a remote.

But, here in this case we’ll remotely control Youtube running on PC or a laptop. Using the Youtube TV service which gives you the same experience on your Desktop as you would have watching it on a Smart TV. Follow the below given steps:

    1. Head over to .
    2. Open the Youtube app in your smartphone. Go to settings > Connected Tvs > Add a TV.


  • Here you’ll have to add pairing code. Well, it’s already explained under the add button. But, I’ve got a simpler way. Just hit the Search button down in the bottom right corner on Youtube TV. It’ll take you to new page and automatically show your pairing code. Which you just have type in and Add.
  • You’re all done you’ve synced your app with youtube TV. And you should get a pop up on the top saying “Abhishek(your name, duh!) has joined.” Also on the app you should get a new icon of connected TV on the top-right. (And don’t forget to press F11 for full screen experience.)


So, now whenever you open Youtube TV it will automatically get connected to your app. And you can use your smartphone as a remote and control youtube. Well, talking about controlling I’ve got complains.

  • First of all watching videos on Youtube TV. You don’t get ads that can be skipped. I mean you get full length 20-30 second ads every time.
  • Plus those ads with damn high volume cannot be muted. Well, forget about muting. Every time you turn off the screen of your smartphone. The app refreshes again to connect again to Youtube TV. That is not good at all. So, if you want to reduce the volume you’ll have to wait until it gets connected and then reduce it.

I’ve given a feedback, but still no replies. Hope they fix it. Overall it’s great! I liked the queue system. So, that you can sort out what you want to watch from your subscription and added it in the queue.

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Alternatively you can Use Unified Remote

Unified Remote is an android app that’s actually let’s you use your smartphone as a remote for your PC. Head over to it’s play store page and download it. It’s pretty easy to use. You also need to download Unified remote server on your PC. Connection can setup through wifi or bluetooth. You can control your through basic input. Just slide over the space given in the app and your cursor on PC will synchronize accordingly. There’s also a separate remote control for youtube. Which is can be used when is open.
Do share in comments other ways you use to remotely control Youtube. Also don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to get updated of our new blog posts. Thanks for reading! Peace 🙂

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