How To Screen Potential Candidates Online Ahead Of The Hire

The hiring process is always a tricky one. It can quite often come down to a hunch. Two candidates both suited but only one will be handed the contract.

Most of the work for a candidate is done in the interview. It’s the biggest chance to impress and for an employer can often leave them thinking they’re too good to be true. Which is why screening is essential.

There are many ways to screen potential candidates these days, most of which can be done online. Below you’ll find some of the more popular, so you can make the right decision on your next hire…

Do A Background Check

Background check tools are becoming more and more accessible these days, with the number of people search engines quite phenomenal.

You’ll be able to find out almost anything you’d wish to know, including any criminal records, educational qualifications, lawsuits, bankruptcies and even credit checks, which can be useful if you’re searching for an investor.

These searches can be done quickly and at generally quite an affordable price these days and can be a really worthwhile investment for any business.

Please note, in order to stay compliant, you are not allowed to use general background check sites. For screening an employee, use only designated pre-employment background check services like Hireright, Checkr and etc.

Get Googling

Naturally, one of the first things any company will, or should, do is do a simple Google Search.

It’s the first step and can offer different rates of success dependent on how detailed the search term and how common the name is.

For example, a search for “John Smith” isn’t going to lead you anywhere, but delving a little deeper can provide results. Include previous employers in the search or anything from their CV in which could provide results.

Googling a person can give you plenty of insight into a candidate, particularly if you’re trying to verify a story. It’s ideal for uncovering news clippings or pieces of work that a candidate has mentioned, or potentially even proving otherwise.

Social Media

Social media is perhaps the biggest methods of screening a potential candidate and in reality, should be done before you’ve even sat down for an interview.

Quite often you’ll find people only begin to clean up their social channels once a company is interested, so you’ll be able to beat them to the punch and capture a true reflection of a candidate’s personality.

You’ll be able to uncover hobbies and interests, how they interact with people, and perhaps even find out something that could have a detrimental effect on whether they should be employed by a company before it’s too late.

It’s estimated over half of the employers check a candidate’s social media before hiring, looking out for things such as bad language, alcohol or drug abuse and provocative or rude photographs across the likes of Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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