How to Use Dropbox Most Effectively

With over 200 million users Dropbox is the top rated online file storage and syncing utility available on all devices.  Around 1 billion files are uploaded to Dropbox servers every 24 hours. Millions of users upload files. But, Dropbox is not limited to just backup data. You can do dozens of innovative stuff efficiently. Well, here in this guide I’ll show you some clever and cool tips that will help you use Dropbox effectively and get work done faster.

Note: Some tips and tricks can also be applied on other file syncing services like google drive, sky drive, etc.

The Most Efficient and Effective Uses of Dropbox

1. Monitor your computer remotely

Do you have any files that are really important or very sensitive to expose? Or do you want to monitor your computer remotely to check if someone is using it in your absence? Than you should follow this awesome trick.

In the tutorial you’ll need to have a screen capture utility like snagit (or any of your favorite) and autohotkey script. The basic principle used here is that Autohotkey script will run snagit whenever the PC is turned on and commands Snagit to take screenshot of the screen until its turned off. (You need to turn on the Autohotkey script before you stand by your PC).

Now, if anyone suspicious turns on the PC the script will command snagit to take screenshots and the saved screenshot will be uploaded to Dropbox. So, you can monitor your PC even if you are away from it. (Make sure that you set the saving destination folder of snagit as Dropbox). Below is the image of some screenshots uploaded.

how to dropbox snagit

Uploaded Screenshot to Dropbox

2. Download your Torrents Easily and remotely

Most of the torrent clients have apps for mobile so that when you’re away from PC you can directly tell your PC to download the torrent. But the most easiest way is to download torrent by using Dropbox. You just have to tell your torrent client (for example BitTorrent) to monitor over the dbox folder and see if there are any torrents available. And all the torrent clients are pretty smart to fetch those torrents and start the download. Even you can upload the torrent through web interface of Dropbox if you’re on someone else’s PC and sync it to your PC. That’s a real cool and geeky way. You can get the full tutorial on Guillermo Esteves’s blog. Below is the image of BitTorrent where you have to tell it to open the torrents in Dropbox folder.
how to use dropbox for bittorrent

3. Secure your Dropbox files Efficiently with Viivo

Well, Dropbox assures you of full security to your files, but, if you want them to be more secure and hard to compromise than you should use external Dropbox client like Viivo. Watch the video below on how to Use it.

4. Print your Documents from any Computer

Maybe you are at your friend’s home and you found something important to print, but, your friend does not have a printer. What will you do? Take the copy of the file in a pen drive? Nah! What if you can directly print the file from your friend’s computer to your home printer?

Digital inspiration has given us this cool trick. All you have to do is drop that file in your Dbox and run a VBscript (provided by digital inspiration) on your home computer that tell your printer to track a specific folder in your Dropbox folder for any documents to be printed. And viola! your printer will automatically print it and when you reach home you’ll get your file printed. Actually you can do it from any device like your mobile phone or iPad. That’s damn cool! Here, watch this video.

5. Download and Sync Images and File in One Click

You need to download and image and save it to your Dropbox folder. You will right click and save as that file to specific folder. What if this process is automated and replaced with just one click? Ballloon a chrome extension exactly does that for you. All you need to do is press three times “L” and the service will be enabled.


Press 3 times “L” to enable service and again press it three time to disable it.


As shown in the above image after enabling the service you’ll get Dropbox icon and Google drive too if you’ve enabled. Click and the image will be automatically saved to your Dropbox folder. You can even change the folder to another static folder to make it work like one-click download. You also get a history of all things downloaded on their website. Check out our review on Ballloon.

6. Sync Notes

In this age, productivity Apps like Evernote are dominating. But, these apps come with too many functionalities added. Functions that you might not ever use. You may be needing some lightweight to take notes and save them. Google Keep would be the best but it’s limited to syncing to Drive only. So, what about Dropbox then?

sidenotes chrome extension


This Nifty Little feature is fulfilled by Sidenotes. A chrome extension that on pressing Alt+N brings out a sidebar in which you can write your note and it gets synced to Dropbox. It’s best Lightest way to take notes when browsing on PC. To learn about this extension head over to our article on Sidenotes.

7. Host Websites

Dropbox hosts your files than why can’t it host websites. Here’s guide we’ve provided that’ll help you host a website. You can only host a static website. Dynamic sites that use PHP can’t be hosted because they need server access. Which obviously we won’t get.

I’ll keep on updating this guide whenever I find new trick or tips. Just bookmark this page or add it to pocket. And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and twitter.

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