4 Super Lightweight Windows Hardware Monitoring Software

Windows has its fair share of bugs and glitches in every OS release. But sometimes the problems you encounter are solely due to faulty hardware. Wasting countless hours on the internet just to find a solution without really knowing cause can be counter productive. Instead, what you can do is use a hardware monitoring software to find the real culprit and save those precious hours. The monitoring software will give all the information which you can use to find the appropriate solution. So we decided to compile a list of lightweight Windows hardware monitoring software to help you find the solution easily.

The guide includes software which can give the different type of information about hardware. You may even solve all the problems with one of these RescueDisks using the information from monitoring software. The guide will only include the introduction of the software and basic usage.

1. SidebarDiagnostics 

windows hardware monitoring software1

SidebarDiagnosticks is a sidebar tool which will monitor hardware 24/7, as long as your Pc/laptop stays active. The sidebar tool will monitor CPU, GPU, RAM, Network and all drives. You can see the core processes, CPU temperature, RAM usage & so on. Hovering over sidebar will show the scroll bar and settings button at the top. The sidebar also features the graph system to provide a graphical representation of the system condition over the different time period. The graph can be open via the graph button located at the top-right corner.

windows hardware monitoring software2

The sidebar tool also has its set of settings. You can change the position of the sidebar, change the language, change the font color and even remove any hardware from getting monitored. The hotkeys can also be used in the sidebar. The software may get more features in the future since it is available on the GitHub.

Download : SidebarDiagnosticks from GitHub

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2. Speccy :

windows hardware monitoring software3

Speccy does as its name suggests. You can find all the specs of the system with this lightweight software. This software can show the big chunk of info about every part of the system. You can see info on OS, CPU, RAM, MotherBoard, Graphics and much more. You can find the involved processes, installed updates and available updates of every part. The software will not monitor hardware all the time and will only scan system when you open it. It will show the summary of every hardware & details included in their respective sections of the software.

Speccy have some inbuilt functions to store the information easily. These options can be found in the File menu. You can save snapshots, load older snapshots & even publish your snapshots. Note that saved snapshots can only be opened with the Speccy. The info can also be saved as a text file to open it with text editors. The print option is also available.

Download : Speccy from Piriform

3. CPUMon : Lightweight CPU Monitoring Software

windows hardware monitoring software4

CPUMon is light weighted CPU monitoring tool. Unlike other software in the list, CPUMon is only dedicated to CPU monitoring. The software constantly monitors the CPU and shows a graph of CPU activity. The software’s window shows the CPU processes and memory usage. The settings button in the software window lets you change different settings. The background color, font color & size can be changed with it. The window size is also adjustable. Note that CPUMon is not a new Digimon! It’s just a simple windows hardware monitoring software.

The software comes in two different versions. In simple terms, free & paid version. The free version lacks some features compare to paid version, which is a bit of a disappointment.

Download : CPUmon

4. Real Temp

windows hardware monitoring software5

Real Temp is a real time CPU monitor & calibrator. It doesn’t require an installation & can simply be open from its .rar archive file. This software will monitor CPU temperature and will show it in the real time. Note that only Intel core based processors are supported in the software. The software will also log the minimum and the maximum temperature of the CPU.

As mentioned earlier, Real temp software is also a calibrator & can calibrate the temperature of each core. It can also perform various benchmark tests of CPU. The calibrating can be done via settings button located at the bottom. Do try to avoid these functions if you are not familiar with calibrating. It may damage your system & may add more problems, for you to solve.

Download : Real Temp from Techpowerup

What is your favorite windows hardware monitoring software? Feel free to share it below!

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