Instube App Review : Ultimate Music and Video Downloader for Android

There are many options available on the web to download videos offline. May it be a website or software you name it. But, when it comes to mobile applications, the list is limited. Downloading online videos on your smartphone can be quite a hustle if you’re not using the correct app. By correct app I mean, a well-developed app that can actually download videos in your desired format. Here, I’m going to showcase a similar type of app that is well-developed and will help you quickly and easily download videos on your Android smartphone.

This Android app is called InsTube and it will let you download videos from YouTube, Dailymotion, Facebook, Instagram and many another websites. Let’s have a look into it and see what it has to offer.

InsTube App: Notable Features

Secure App

The app is not available on Play Store. This might be a security concern for many. However, the app has been verified by various security software including CM Security, Lookout and Macafee. You can check it on their website under security verified section.

Video Lock


With this feature, you can set a password on your downloaded videos so that no one except you can access it. This feature comes in really handy when you want some private videos to be inaccessible by others.

Download Videos and Music in Various Formats


Not everyone has access to high-speed internet and having data caps are already annoying. For such users, the app allows you to download videos in whichever quality you want. You will also get the information about the size of the video. Apart from downloading videos, you can even convert those videos to MP3 or M4A4.

Supports 100+ popular websites

The app supports more than 100 websites from where you can download videos and music as per your needs. New websites get added to the app with each update and even you can manually add a website if it is not available on the list.

How to use InsTube App

The Instube App is not available on the Play Store due to strict TOS of YouTube and Play Store. But, you can download it from their website or on Uptodown(a Play Store alternative). So, let’s see how you can use it to take videos offline.

There are a couple of different ways to download videos and music with the app. We’ll see each one of them.

Downloading YouTube Videos

Step-1: Download the app from Instube website or Uptodown.

Step-2: Install the app and give necessary permissions to the app, so that it can work properly.

Step-3: Open the YouTube app and play the video that you’d like to download. Now, share the video to the Instube App as shown in the below screenshot.


Step-4: The Instube app will open up and open the YouTube link in the app. Now, tap on the download button in the bottom-right corner of the app. This will start resolving the URL for download and the options to download the video in various format will pop up.


Choose your preferred format and tap on Fast Download.

Step-5: The video will start downloading and converting to music if you’ve selected MP3. After downloading the video can be played from the app itself or you can even play it from the Gallery app on your phone.

Downloading Facebook Videos

Step-1: Open the Instube app and tap on the Facebook icon to open Facebook. Log in to your Facebook account and open the video link that you’d like to download.

Step:2:  You should see the download button go red as soon as you open the page. Tap on the download button to download it.

Alternatively, you can even share the video from the Facebook app to InsTube and download it that way. Same as we did before for YouTube.

So, you can download videos pretty much from any popular website by browsing in the Instube app or by sharing the video link to InsTube. The download button the page should red from gray. If it is gray then it means it can’t download the video.

Settings and Customization in the Instube App

Instube app has some settings that you can modify as per your needs. There’s a Clipboard Link Identification function available in the settings that you can enable it. This feature automatically sets up the download process for copied links.

The download path for videos and music can be changed here. By default, the app allows you to run 4 tasks simultaneously to download videos. This can be changed to even higher tasks if you have a high-speed internet, or lower down the task number if the internet speed is slow.

Apart from that, there’s a Fast Download mode which will use multiple connections to speed up the download process. This feature is turned on by default. You can turn off this feature if you get errors while downloading videos.


Instube App is already making its name as an ultimate video downloader. The app seems to work well in terms of performance and I didn’t face any crash errors during usage. As mentioned before, Instube app is a well-developed and I can say it without any doubt that it is the ultimate video downloader for Android.

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Note: This post is sponsored by Instube. The review is completely unbiased keeping in mind the reader’s interest.

8.7Overall Score
Instube App Review

Great performance, well-developed, and no crash errors. The app design is fine and Ads might be an issue for many.

  • Performance
  • App Design
  • User Experience

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