5 iPhone Features That Will Make Your Life Easier

We get to see a new and better model of iPhone every year and Apple is consistent in introducing new features in their iPhones. Every year Apple launches a fresh iPhone with lots of upgrades and features, but do you know all the features which could make your life so much easier. We’ll explore some of the features, and help you change your way of using your iPhone, and maybe you can get a new appreciation for your iPhone.

1. Use the Swipe action to switch apps

Apple recently introduced the swiping navigation gestures. If you have an iPhone X model, you already know that swiping upwards from the bottom of the screen will return you to the homepage. But, do you know that you can also swipe across the Home Indicator, whether left or right to switch between apps? The more you swipe, the more you get access to the previous apps you were using. It is quite a nice feature that may help you save a lot of your time as it seems a little too tough if we swipe to go to the Recents and then choosing the previous app.

2. Smart Invert feature

Are you bored of that White UI that is barely usable at night? Well, Apple has just fixed it for you with its new Smart Invert feature. This feature will allow you to invert your phone screen thereby reducing the glare of the white screen, which can be uncomfortable to use especially at night. The normal setting on the iPhone is black text on a white background, but with the Smart Invert, the white background becomes black, and the text becomes white. This feature inverts the screen colours, in result, it gives your iPhone a Dark Mode like theme as well as it’s easy to use also.

Smart Invert will not interfere with other media like the photos. To take advantage of the feature, you will find it in the accessibility shortcut under the general tab in the settings app.

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3. Forget about useless notifications

Do you know how some phones will allow for annoying notifications that you did not subscribe for? With the iPhone, you can control all the notifications from the notification center. Swipe right-to-left on a notification you are interested in to access the submenu from which you can view the notification. If there are any notification bubbles, you can simply erase them.

The other option is to manage the notifications by either turning them off or unsubscribing from the email sending notifications to you. The Deliver Quietly option allows the notifications to go to the notification center, but will not send you an alert thus fewer interruptions.

4. Multitasking controls

Multitasking is a handy feature that is really beneficial especially in mobile phones. We do a lot of tasks on our phones and iPhones can easily manage all that stuff. So, is there any way you can access all the apps which you were using previously, all from one place? The answer is Yes. You can go to the home page with a quick swipe action up the home indicator. However, by swiping slowly and then letting go, you will access the multitasking view. The multitasking view will allow you to access any apps you were previously using. By just a normal slow swipe, you can access the multitasking tray where all the apps are arranged accordingly.

5. Flashlight and camera

Have you ever seen something you would want to capture on your camera for longevities’ sake like your baby’s first steps, but by the time you access your phone camera, the moment will have passed? So what’s the solution for accessing the flashlight and camera more quickly? The iPhone will give you quick access to the flashlight and camera on the lock screen. It is quite a hefty feature and this should be available in each and every device. You can easily find the quick access buttons on the bottom of your lock-screen from which you can quickly access the flashlight and camera.

However, because they are on the lock screen, there is a possibility that you can touch them and trigger them by mistake. Depending on the phone model, to use these features you either press hard or press and hold the icons.

Final thoughts

Using your mobile phones does not have to be a daunting task. So, these were some of the best features of iPhones that can make your user experience better and make your life more comfortable. There are some more useful iPhone features and apps like https://bestcellphonetrackerapps.com/iphone-tracker/ that will make your life a lot more easier. So go ahead, customize your iPhone to suit your needs and enjoy! Share these cool features on Social Media with your friends and family.

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