How to Change Windows 10 Titlebar Colour without affecting Taskbar and Start Menu

The recent big November update of Windows 10 to Build 10586 brought in many new features. Most being under the hood changes and some minor improvement on the front end. One of the minor improvement was letting users change the color of the title bar. That might seem minor but it does bring a huge difference in user experience. Those whitish-grey title bars seemed too minimalistic. But, still transparency is lacking.

Well, there’s a workaround I tried for transparency which crashed my PC. Will share it when it perfectly works. For now, I would like to stick with this topic. As you know in you new update you can change the color of Taskbar, start menu and title bar. But what if you just want to just change the colour of Title bar only and keep the rest as black as they were before.

The start menu looks really good with black transparent background and colored app tiles. So, if you want only title bar color to change then follow along with this guide.

Changing Title bar color without affecting Start Menu and Taskbar


Step -1 : First of all turn off the colors for Titlebar, start menu and taskbar in personalization.  

Go to Settings > Personalization > Color  and turn off the option.

turn off colour

Here we have turned it off because we are going to change the prevalence of color all around windows. We are going to let the title bars accept the color. But start menu and task bar won’t accept the color because they were black by default.

Step-2: Now, hit Win + R and type in regedit This will open the registry editor. Navigate to the following location from the explorer in the left.


Step – 3: Now in DWM folder find the ColorPrevalence  Dword. Double click on it and you’ll have to change the value of this registry. Keep the base to hexadecimal and change the Value data to 1 from 0. And hit OK.

windows 10 start menu color 

The change will be applied you need not restart your PC. Just close and open the File explorer. You’ll see the change. The start menu, taskbar, and action center won’t change the color. It will be default black. The title bar color will change based on the accent color. You can change the accent color in the personalization setting by either choosing your own color or choosing a colour from your desktop background.

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The above how-to guide was originally posted on WinAero.

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