KeepVid for Android Review : Is it the Best YouTube Video Downloader You Ever Wanted?

You have seen us show you the easiest way to download YouTube videos on Android and we were quite satisfied with what we presented you. But here we’d like to present you something more extraordinaire. The app we are going to review today comes from a very familiar company. You have used before their website, their extension and even their Desktop software to download YouTube videos. Yes, folks, it’s KeepVid and we are going to review today their new Android app called KeepVid Android.

KeepVid Android Key Features

KeepVid Android aims to provide their users an easy to use and quick downloading service. There are many ways through which you can download the video from YouTube. KeepVid provides you five different ways to download videos. Let’s have a look at them.

Copy the Link to Download Video


Now, this is the traditional way that we normally use on our desktops. Copy the YouTube link and paste it on some Downloader website. The same goes here. If you have the link to the YouTube video then you can just copy it, open the KeepVid app, tap on the icon at the bottom to start a new task and paste the link. KeepVid’s latest updates automatically paste the link for the task to continue. Also, when you copy a YouTube link you will get a notification from KeepVid that you can download it. So, ease of use is well handled here.

Share to Download the Video


We normally share a YouTube video with our friends on messaging apps. A share panel opens up when you tap on the Share button in the YouTube app. Well, with KeepVid you get the ability to share the Video to KeepVid and download the video offline. It is one of the quickest ways I have used and I choose to download the video by sharing it to KeepVid. After sharing the video, KeepVid will start analyzing the video and will generate options for different formats in which you can download.

Built-in Web Browser and Search Video Directly


You also get an inbuilt browser through which you can directly start searching your YouTube video from the App itself. As you can see in the above screenshot, you can access probably any video website available online. Just open the website from which you want to download the video and the App provide a download button in the bottom-right corner. With the inbuilt browser, you can share the page and even bookmark it. The app will help you download video from any website that has a video running in it. The App will analyze the page and produce the download link.

Download YouTube Video as MP3


Many music videos are available on YouTube and you will surely want to download them to listen offline. With KeepVid you can download a YouTube video as Mp3 and start listening to your favorite music offline. You can use one of the above ways to share the link with KeepVid and it will analyze the link and produce the option for you to download it as MP3.

Download Playlists


This something I do when I want to download multiple videos. Create a Playlist and the videos that you want to download and share it with Keepvid. Yes, KeepVid can even download entire playlists of videos. It can either be your own playlist or some other Public playlist that you like. Just share the playlist with the App and it will produce the download links for you in different formats. I did find some error as the app was unable to analyze the playlist. I had to repeat the process again in order to download it.

Settings and Batch Downloads

The App can perform batch downloads, meaning you can download 2-3 videos simultaneously. You can change the Max Download Task in the Settings if you want the app to perform even more task simultaneously. The maximum is 5. The default video player and the audio player can be set from the settings. The Smart Clipboard feature mention before can also be enabled and disabled here.

Why isn’t it available on Play Store?

The reason is that Google (owner of Android and YouTube) has some strict rules and Terms of Service(TOS) that needs to be followed. It doesn’t allow you to download YouTube videos. You might even think that – Is it illegal? Well, no it’s not. It is fine if you download videos for personal use but it is illegal if you use that video to make a profit. The video owner has the right to sue you for using his/her video without taking the consent. Play Store has strict rules and criterion that developers need to follow. If failed to abide by the rules, the app will be banned from Play Store.

The app we are reviewing here is legit and secure to use. If it’s not available on Play Store, it doesn’t mean it is unsafe. Safety is in downloading software and apps from a trusted source, meaning their official website. As mentioned on KeepVid’s website the App is also available on UptoDown (a Play Store alternative).

The Final Verdict

KeepVid have grounded their feet strong in the Space of Web extensions and Desktops. This app is their first move in entering the mobile world. They aim to provide their users an easy to use UI and a fast processing to download video quickly. And, they haven’t failed in doing so. But, is it the best YouTube Video Downloader you ever wanted? Well, I’d say the app is still new but it will surely get mature with the updates in future.

Note: This post is sponsored by KeepVid. The review is completely unbiased keeping in mind the reader’s interest.

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