LambdaTest – An Excellent Cross Browser Test Tool

During the good old days, you would develop an application or software and keep testing it for every possible browser. Back then, you had enough time and could focus on testing your application for each of the browsers and systems with varying specifications. This is not possible anymore – more so because of the focus being on meeting the deadlines, and the deadlines are becoming crueler. How about outsourcing the job and checking out the compatibility of your application or software on multiple browsers? That is exactly where a service like the LambdaTest comes to the fore.

Testing the compatibility of your applications is one of the most important aspects in the development of any application. However, it can be quite a time consuming and difficult task given the magnitude of the number of browsers and other criteria that you would be forced to check them manually. LambdaTest simplifies the task and lets you focus on the right kind of options to get the work done.

The features that make it a good choice for cross-browser test

Well, some of the features that will make it a formidable option for your cross-browser compatibility test can be elaborated as:

Support for multiple languages and tools


The online testing tool supports multiple programming languages making it a universal option for all your requirements. It works with almost all programming languages including Python, Java, JavaScript, C-Sharp, Ruby and PHP. That apart, you also have access to different CI tools. That should mean no matter which tools you have used for creating your apps; the testing software works with it.

The Automated Screenshots

LambdaTest provides you with the real-time test results and screenshots for every test you run. This will be helpful in running cross-browser compatibility tests in the visual atmosphere on over 2000 different browsers used on both mobile and desktop. This will provide you with a confirmation of every test and the results thereof.

No limit on the tests you can test

Of course, there are multiple versions of a browser. With the updated versions of the browsers being launched now and then, it may be difficult to know if your app supports the newer versions or not. LambdaTest lets you test the browser compatibility repeatedly, and there is no limit on any of your tests. This should help you keep your apps always at a top level when it comes to compatibility.

Cheaper and affordable Plans

The plans offered by LambdaTest come as much cheaper as just $ 15 per month. Of course, you also have access to customized plans for enterprise users. You can get in touch with the LambdaTest for the specific plans. And yes, you also have access to a lifetime free option if you are fine with the limited functionality.

Well, those features and the functionality should make LambdaTest an excellent option for cross-browser compatibility of your applications or software creations. You will be able to ensure that your users will get an outstanding experience with respect to the browsers, multiple versions of the browsers or even multiple operating systems. The scalability of the service makes it a reliable option for all of your software requirements.

Use it once for testing your software applications and ensure that your visitors stand to gain big.

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