The Latest Updates To DNS Server Monitoring

It is so important to have a proper DNS monitoring service in place if you want to ensure that your business is always fully functional. On the Internet, it is very easy for people to find unsuspecting victims, sending them DDoS attacks and malware. In the span of just seconds, your entire server could be down. If that occurs, you could lose everything. Of course, you probably have a backup of your entire business, but you are going to lose money every hour that you are not on the Internet providing this service for your customers. To find the best DNS server monitoring company that is using the latest updates, here is what you need to do.

What Type Of Attacks Should You Worry About?

The type of cyber attacks that you need to worry about are primarily those that can take your server down. These are very common today, and they are likely going to get worse. These individuals that do these attacks are constantly upgrading their ability to infiltrate systems. However, when they have to go through a server before getting to yours, one that will filter out their attacks, there is very little that they can do. That’s why working with a DNS monitoring service provider is so important. Even if you are working with one of the top hosting providers, there is no guarantee that there are firewalls, or their protection systems, will prevent some of the more complex attacks.

How Does DNS Server Monitoring Work?

When you first register a domain, you are going to change what is called the nameserver. This is the part of the DNS system that allows you to use domain names instead of the numeric IP address. When you change those numbers, your domain will no longer be connected to the domain registrar. Connected to the server, the hosting company, where your website is going to be. Assuming that you have purchased access to a dedicated server, that domain name is going to direct people to that server when they go to your website. It is here that these attacks can occur, primarily through the traffic that your server will receive from the Internet.

Why DDoS Attacks Are So Bad

These attacks can be very bad for one simple reason. They stand for denial of service attacks. They will send requests to access your website, but instead of sending one or two, they can send as many as 100,000 at once. This will overload the server, and when that occurs, your website will go down. They are able to do this because they have spread malware to hundreds of thousands of computers, located worldwide, that can coordinate requests to access your server all at once. Therefore, to prevent this type of attack from happening, all of the traffic will be filtered through the DNS server monitoring service. They will have special servers that will have software that will monitor and filter all of that traffic before sending it through to your server.

The Latest Updates To DNS Server Monitoring

Some of the latest updates revolve around the identification of new types of attacks that have become more popular. You are no longer just worrying about denial of service attacks anymore. The latest updates have been able to handle these new attacks that have been reported, and there are only a few companies that are incorporating these latest forms of defense. You can find these monitoring services very quickly. They are going to advertise online. Some of them will be local, whereas the vast majority of them will be located in different parts of the country. Some will have reviews that you can read on Google, or you will find websites that are dedicated to reviewing these specific types of companies. Once you have found these businesses, you will be able to pick and choose from the many that offer server monitoring protection. The prices on some of the best ones might be higher than others but it will be worth the small amount of extra money. It is just important to get this set up as soon as you can, especially if you are a larger business that could be easily targeted.

Are There Other Ways They Can Attack Your Server?

There are a multitude of ways that these companies and businesses can attack your server. There are botnets, hacking schemes, pharming, phishing, and they may even use ransomware. The more comprehensive the company is that you are working with, the less likely that any of these attacks will go through. You will also have software protecting your network of computers at your facility, preventing this from occurring. The key is to make sure that you have this type of protection from these companies, and that your firewall is properly set up. In addition to this, you should never open up any attachment from someone that you do not know as this could activate malware on the spot.

The Best Way To Save Money With These Companies

To save money with these companies, all you have to do is get estimates from every single one of them. Some of them will be extremely low, whereas others might seem outrageous, but they will have the most comprehensive type of protection. It depends on what your budget is, and how worried you are about all of the possible threats that your company may face. As a general rule, you should always go with the business that can offer you the best protection and learn how to how to properly monitor DNS, even if they are slightly more expensive than the competition. In some cases, being down just a few minutes could cost your company thousands of dollars. That’s why it is well worth the small amount of extra money that it may cost for those that are the most comprehensive.

The DNS server monitoring service that you choose to work with should be one of the top companies. There is no reason to potentially compromise your business by working with one that is inferior by comparison. Although the best companies will be a little more expensive, this is what will protect your business from being attacked. It’s going to make it very easy for you to relax, focus on your business, and concentrate on how to make more money instead of worrying about cyber attacks that may come your way.

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