Lenovo K3 Note Marshmallow Update : 8 Features That Make this New ROM Stand Out

Lenovo K3 note is an amazing low-budget device launched by Lenovo on June 25 last year. So why even talk about an old device? Well, it’s because the device got a massive update a month ago, an official Marshmallow update! Now I know it’s not something to brag about , but judging by the popularity the device received before I decided to put together a list featuring new features.

The reason is that the update device received is different than stock Marshmallow ROM. Many features can be considered exclusive to this device along with few features actually missing. So let’s embark on a journey, my fellow K3 Note users.

1. Easy Quick Settings Customization 

Now this feature is actually locked in the stock Marshmallow ROM. You need to turn on the System UI Tuner which is also hidden. But it is already unlocked in this device. This feature allows you to customize your device according to your choice. You can edit , replace or even add new icons to the Quick settings menu.

K3 note_Marshmallow1

So how to do it? There are two ways you can access the customization menu. First, go to Settings > Notification center > Notification bar icons. This option is a tiny bit lengthy. The other option is quicker which you can easily access it directly through the home screen.

K3 note_Marshmallow2

Just swipe down from the top of the screen to open the Quick settings menu. Press the new icon below settings cog icon and you are done. Now you can see customization menu which includes other icons which you can use in the quick settings. Just tap and hold the icon and drag it to the top. You can also change its position in the Quick settings menu. Note that you can only add max 10 icons to a menu.So adding new icons will require you to replace another icon.

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2. Enable Developer Mode 

Now you can be a developer too using developer mode..well that’s what device said. Developer mode is locked in the device and it’s easy to enable it. So should you really enable it since it is locked to begin with? Well, developer mode provides extra options for you to mess around with. You can keep it locked if you want to , you are the owner so no once can force you.

K3 note_Marshmallow3

To enable it just simply go to Settings > About phone > Device information > Build number. Tap on the build number and a message will pop up saying “ press x times to enable developer mode” . Once you tap it required time, another message will pop up saying “ You are now a developer“. You can now find Developer Mode at the bottom in settings.

K3 note_Marshmallow4

The developer mode will have advanced options for forcing GPU, animation and so on.  The one of an important option is USB debugging. You will need it if you are frequently connecting your device to PC for various purposes. You can also remove USB debugging permissions to PC to prevent your device from connecting.

3. Stock File Manager 

Like stock Marshmallow ROM , the device also comes with a built-in File manager. But the access to file manager requires one more tap than stock ROM. At first glance , you can see that file manager is not there as the same place as stock ROM, Which may confuse users that feature is removed from the ROM.

K3 note_Marshmallow5

To access File manager, Go to Settings > Storage & USB > Internal storage > Explore. Now you can use this built-in file manager. You can access both internal & external storage through this file manager. But third-party file managing apps would be still a faster option since you can access it directly on the screen.

You can also delete all Cached data in one place.  Just tap on the Cached data above Explore and all the cached data will be deleted.

4. Android Launcher

The device comes with a different launcher than the stock launcher. The device is integrated  VIBEUI launcher. VIBEUI is different than stock launcher as it does not have an app drawer. This may be in poor taste for so many users. There was not a decent solution for this before by default.

K3 note_Marshmallow6

To provide more customization option for users , the Marshmallow update comes with two different launchers as default. You can toggle between either of them in the  jiffy. To change the launcher ,tap & hold the screen. Tap on the preferences icon at the bottom which will open homescreen settings.

K3 note_Marshmallow7

You can change the launcher using the first option. Tap on default launcher to switch between launchers. There are two options : VIBEUI and Android Launcher.  This feature eliminates the need of installing third-party launchers.

5. Notification center 

The stock Marshmallow ROM requires you to unlock System UI tuner to enable some options.  As this device’s custom ROM do not require this function, many of the originally System UI tuner options are integrated into other categories. You can not find them in the same place as stock ROM.

K3 note_Marshmallow1

Notification center is one of a category under settings which contains few of those hidden options. You can change the battery icon at the top of a screen. You can either set it as graphical or see the percentage of remaining battery. For that, go to Settings > Notification center > Display battery indicator. You can toggle between Graphical and Percentage.

You can also edit status bar icons using option under Notification center. The Status bar is bar located at a top of the screen which has the  battery, notification , WiFi etc icons. You can select which icons you want to be displayed on status bar.

You can also find another option here for Quick settings icon customization. Just tap on the Notification bar settings.

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6. Add message to Lock Screen 

This is one of the interesting feature added into the Marshmallow update.  At first glance, you may think it’s not important but it can be handy many times. You can add a reminder , your schedule , any important info etc to lock screen so you can easily see and recall it every-time you unlock your phone. Even if you don’t have anything important to add,you can still put your favorite message to add another layer of customization to your phone.

K3 note_Marshmallow8

To add the message , go to Settings > Lock screen > Owner info. Here you can write the message you want. Note that there is not “ok” button or anything. Just hit the back button once you finish writing it. Next time when you open the lock screen, you can then see your message.

7. Power saving options 

The device has many power saving features to save every little bit of battery juice. You can find the option under Settings > Power manager. There are different power saving options according to your requirement.

K3 note_Marshmallow9

Battery saver option is basic power saving option. By toggling it on, it can prevent many background activities ,vibration & such to reduce power consumption. It can help in increasing the battery life.

Ultimate Power Saver is option suitable for the drastic condition. It only allows phone call & messaging while blocking everything else. The battery can last for days using this option, provided if you don’t use your phone.

Power manager category also allows you to see other options regarding the battery. For example daily power consumption, which app takes more power etc.

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8. Buggy Google Now on Tap 

Now this feature is bugged on my device so can’t really say more about it much. But regardless, it is one of cool feature which makes searching easier. In the earlier version, every time you have to search something , you have to first select it , copy and paste it into google search box.

Google Now on Tap makes this process easier. Just select the text in app and tap & hold the home button. The Google Now on Tap will automatically give you the results. No more need of copy/pasting it.

Did You Like the New ROM?

So, let us know down in the comments of what’s your take on this new ROM. Does it work well for you? We’d like to know your views.

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