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Google Chrome’s power lies in its Performance and Customizability. Especially customizing the New Tab page. If your new tab page is empty then there’s a 50% chance that you will procrastinate. Before we had shared how you can turn New tab page in chrome into to-do list app. Where we shared chrome extension that will make you more productive and among those, we liked the momentum chrome extension. Be sure to check it out.

Here I would like to share on how you can take your New Tab page to the next level by adding “Live Wallpaper” or “Live Theme“.  A new chrome extension that will add live wallpaper to the background of new tab page and also make you productive by letting you add your daily tasks.

Live Start Page – Live Wallpapers and Themes

chrome live wallpaper

Live start page comes with 100+ live wallpaper and themes. Though the official site says “more than 500” – others include static wallpapers and backgrounds. Install the extension and you’ll be taken to settings to choose your theme. You will get a wide variety of static and Live motion Wallpapers.

Keep in mind the live motion wallpapers will give better performance than Live Backgrounds. Live motion wallpapers are GIF images and Live backgrounds are more like of like a video. Also, make sure you don’t some GIF image blocker extension.

In Live Backgrounds, you get to choose the quality. 480p with the best performance, 720p – good performance and 1080paffects performance only if you have low RAM and CPU. Chrome is the most RAM-hungry browser. 6 GB of RAM or Above should be fine. Nowadays 6 GB of RAM is a must.

New Tab Page Settings

As you’ll see you get a minimalistic digital clock to let you always keep up with time. Speed dial to quickly get to you favorite website. You can double-click to switch between clock and speed dial. Next, you get is to-do list widget to keep track of tasks to be completed. You can resize, move it around and also replace it with the digital clock by disabling clock and expanding the to-do list.

Next, in the settings tab, you get to customize the page. A lot of customization options are available to fulfill your needs. You can set the transparency of everything available and even enable and disable them. If you want just the clock and live background then just disable everything else. It would look pretty cool.

Few Thoughts

Having Live wallpapers on your new tab page is a great idea. It gives you different feeling as you work. Along with the to-do list, you can add the tasks that you have to complete throughout the day. The same features are available in the Momentum chrome extension. It automatically adds beautiful HD wallpapers. You need to choose. But no live wallpapers.

I like the clock is big and always keeps you informed of the time. There’s a chrome extension that shows you the amount of time that has passed from your birth till now in the new tab page. Motivation chrome extension. The clock keeps on ticking depicting that the time is running out what substantial have you done till now.

Final Words

I think Live start page is a good replacement to Momentum. There were no performance issues. No lag. Keep in mind that if you have entry-level PC or laptop choose low or medium setting live wallpapers. Some live backgrounds are over 100 MB.

Hope this article helped you. I loved this chrome extension. What about you? Let me know down in the comments.

8.7Overall Score
Tech Flix Ratings - Live Start Page

It is a worthy replacement to our previous new tab page chrome extension Momentum. But Live start page can cause performance issues on entry level hardware PCs.

  • Usability
  • Customizability
  • Performance

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