How to Log and Keep Track of Notifications in Android

Are you a busy person and get too many emails and notifications on your android smartphone? You definitely would like to keep track and log all your notification. You don’t want to miss that important E-mail of some advertiser or colleague on some important topic. Or may be you accidentally swiped a notification and you want to get it back.

It’s better to keep log of your notifications. When you’re free you can check all of them in ordered manner. Not just to drop down notification panel and get confused of which notification to open first. So, let’s see how you can save or have a notification log in Android.

How to Log Notification in Android

There’s an Android app that can do that for you. Or else Android itself has a notification log panel. Let’s see how you can do it.

Method 1: Android App

The first app is more clean and with no ads and second app has more features but with ads and pro version.

Notification Saver


Download the app and install it. It will only work in android 4.3+ devices. At first start up it’ll ask you to give notification access. Hit Ok and check Notification saver. You’re pretty much done here. App will start logging your notifications. You can get more information on particular notification by tapping on it. also you can create a blacklist of notification you don’t want to see.

Download: Play Store

Notification History


notification-history-2Notification History gives you more features in comparison with notification saver. Features include Record Toasts, clean notification automatically, search, Favourites and also track when apps where installed/deleted/updated. But, with Ads. In order to remove ’em you have to buy the pro version.

Download: Play Store

Method 2: Settings Widget


Android has a built in notification log which you can use from the settings shortcut widget. Long tap on your home screen -> Select widgets -> Search for settings shortcut icon -> It’ll ask for which shortcut you would like to use -> Choose notification and you’re done. The shorcut will every time show you the notification log. Read more about it on Stackoverflow.

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