5 Lyrics Android Apps for Music Lovers

May be you’re a Singer or a Hard core Music Lover, having a look at the Lyrics is a must. There are some Fast raps and songs with half eaten words that our ears can’t get it. Lyrics gives you clear idea of what you’re listening and what you should sing. So, here we’ve come up with a list of Lyrics Android apps for you Singers and Music lovers out there.

Lyrics Apps for Android

This list contains the Android Apps that will let you find correct lyrics and let you store it offline. Also, apps that can find Lyrics automatically for you. So, let’s have a look at this list of Lyrics Apps for Android.

MusicMax Lyrics Player


Musicmax automatically finds Lyrics and downloads it. It’s also a music player. So, you can watch the lyrics as the music plays in the background. Database gets updated every day with new lyrics. If you can’t find your lyrics you can just hit search and find for “Artist – Song Title”.

The App is totally free with No ads. You can even search for lyrics by Artist, song or Album. The music players contains all the features a music player should have. I’d say it’s music player extended with the functionality of finding lyrics.

I could find all the lyrics that I wanted. But, app lags behind in User interface. Also the app’s development has stopped and also not available on the play store due to some reasons. Even though it’s a great app, you can download it from below given link.

Download: Link

Score: 4 out of 5



Musixmatch is the best lyrics app that I’ve used. It grabs your lyrics pretty fast. It’s hard that you won’t find a lyrics of a song unless it’s some local country song. Even though you can add it by yourself. The app is a music player with it’s main feature being the lyric player. It shows you lyrics as the song is sung by the singer word to word. They call it the floating lyrics features.

The app is not limited to itself. You can find the lyrics and play the song in YouTube or Spotify. Spotify has Musixmatch integration so you can see lyrics in Spotify itself. You can even cast your lyrics to TV using Chromecast and also has Android wear and Android TV support.

Download: Play Store

Score: 4.5 out of 5

Lyrics Grabber


Lyrics Grabber is Lightweight app which actually works like an add-on to your current music player. Whichever song your music player plays, lyrics grabber automatically grabs lyrics for you and shows up a notification that – ‘lyrics for the song that’s playing is available’. Opening the notification will show you the lyrics.

Lyrics grabber is the perfect app for those that want to keep using their current music player and also want lyrics. It almost grabs all globally available songs. It mostly grabs from a-z lyrics website. It’s best lightweight app that works as a plugin.

Download: Play Store

Score: 4 out of 5


AirLyrics is same like Lyrics Grabber. Work like an Add-on for your music player. But, AirLyrics can also translate lyrics in your own language. The working is similar to lyrics grabber. It automatically grabs lyrics for the song and shows up a notification. Another nice feature for user with data caps. It makes use of less data and downloads lyrics at 40KB per lyrics view. It does have offline reading also a caching feature for less data consumption.

Download: Play Store

Score: 5 out 5

Lyrics Mania


Lyrics Mania is a beautifully designed lyrics android app that is fusion of all the apps that are listed above. It’s the app version of the popular Lyrics website lyricsmania.com. It works like a music player and also can work like a lightweight app. If you just want to check out the lyrics while using your current stock music player, it will show you a notification of the lyrics. It works with all music apps including Youtube. It has integration with Spotify too.

Download: Play Store

Score: 5 out 5

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Let us know what is your favorite lyrics android app down in the comments. Cheers!

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