MacX MediaTrans Review: Best Way to Sync iPhone without Data Loss or Duplicates

As technology is evolving at a great pace, unlike the old days, everyone has a smartphone in their pockets nowadays. Smartphones have entirely changed the way we used to coordinate with the whole world. In accordance, all smartphone users need to back up the data as the mobile phones don’t come with unlimited storage out of the box. In case you are an Apple device user, you might be very much familiar with the name “iTunes” till now. iTunes may be an option for the Apple users when it comes to back up the data and free up some phone’s storage, but iTunes might not be the best option for you as it has so many drawbacks that can leave you in some extreme situations.

iTunes is Apple’s software which makes the backup and synchronizes all their data with their unique iTunes accounts. This software might be a necessity for some users while some users don’t prefer to use it because of its flaws. Since iTunes is an extensive software and people always hit it with criticism because of its poor performance on the computers because of its high RAM usage and much more. However, it’s not an issue until and unless we are inside Apple’s Inc. itself where all the computers are running on MacOS coupled with a load of RAM.

So, even after facing so many issues, is it necessary to stick with iTunes? The answer is NO, as there are so many other options are available for you that provide the same functionalities like iTunes with some additional features as well.

The Best alternative for iTunes is MacX MediaTrans which works like the iTunes is supposed to be. MacX MediaTrans provides you syncing functions along with other features like backing up and managing photos, videos, and other media files. You can also visit the Official website to download the software directly. It is available for free on the official website, and it is worth the try if you want to elevate the experience of using your Apple devices with this straight-forward software which comes handy in almost all situation to the iOS & Mac users as it is way more comfortable to use than iTunes itself.

MacX MediaTrans: Is iTunes still a thing?

Do you still use iTunes? Well, you shouldn’t because the software which works more like iTunes than official iTunes itself is here for you and is a complete solution to your daily problems that you face with iTunes regularly. To start using MacX MediaTrans, firstly, it requires you to turn off iTunes syncing first. That’s all; now you can use your iPhone like any other USB drive. This software makes your iPhone work like any other standard smartphone, and you can easily share media files.

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Using MacX MediaTrans, you can sync iPhone photos, videos, music and more with just a few taps. Users can make a backup of the big files such as 4K videos and other stuff with ease without any data loss, undetected mobile phone issues that happen frequently using iTunes. So, we can say, MacX MediaTrans is the best alternative for iTunes right now in the industry. Grab yours now as the Full version is available for FREE right now, thanks to the giveaway. Here’s the link from where you can get your MacX MediaTrans original license for free

Advantages over iTunes:

  1. Provides World’s fastest speed, transferring up to 100 4k pictures is just 8 seconds.
  2. No data loss due to the two-way syncing process.
  3. Backup and sync data without redundancy.
  4. Intelligently recognize, quickly connect to iPhone as there is no need for an Apple ID.
  5. Far better than iTunes.

Syncing features that iTunes lacks:

  •     Transfer files from iPhone iPad iPod to Mac/PC such as music, ringtones, audiobooks, iBooks, video, movie, TV show, photos, iTunes purchases, and much more.
  •     Auto converts non-Apple video/audio formats to iDevice supported formats during sync.
  •     Adequately reduce the big-sized file to smaller for iPhone space saving.
  •     Sync non-Apple music & video to iPhone, iPad, and iPod with ease.

(audio: FLAC, WAV, OGG, WMA, DTS, M4R)

(video: MKV, AVI, VOB, FLV, WMV, SWF)

MacX MediaTrans v/s iTunes: An easy win for MacX

Management Features MacX MediaTrans iTunes
Edit music info

(change the name of the artist, album, genre, etc.)

Yes Yes
Turn music songs into iPhone ringtone Yes No
Auto convert protected M4V to MP4 Yes No
Play music, movies, TV shows, audiobooks No Yes
Selectively encrypt pictures & videos to protect


Yes No
Auto convert protected M4P to MP3 Yes No
Create/edit/delete playlist Yes Yes
Supported music audio formats Supports all audio formats WAV, AIFF, Apple Lossless, AAC, MP3 only
Delete music songs, movies, TV shows, images Yes Unable to delete photos

Final Verdict on MacX MediaTrans

MacX MediaTrans is the best possible option available for you right now. It has all the features that users expect from the original iTunes, that’s why it is the best alternative. This software lets you transfer all your device’s data and to back up and sync photos, videos, music and other files in iPhone with just a few clicks. This software provides the best way to meet all your music syncing & management needs. With MacX MediaTrans, it is much easier than ever to manage and transfer photos, videos, and movies.

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