Make Chrome Run Faster on Android with this Little Tip

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We’ve already shared before the settings to make chrome run faster on PC. But, here’s a quick tip that’ll make chrome run faster on android. This tip is provided by the reddit user(erythrocytes64). It’s total an experimenting thing. Making use of the chrome://flags you can experiment over the browser feature by enabling and disabling them.What the user did is tweaked one of the feature. First of all, Paste the below url in chrome on your android smartphone.

It’ll directly take you to flag that we have to tweak. (I really have no idea what this flag does. As even there’s no official documentation provided by google about the flag. May be it’s an hidden setting.) But to learn of what it does is to experiment over it.


The flag will be set to default, so you’ll have to change it a higher value. If you’ve got more RAM(at least 2GB) than change it to 512 or if it’s less than that 256 will be the best.


So, what it does according to the user – Chrome used less RAM for running before this settings which made it lag and get slow. But after the settings were applied it started using more RAM and results were that the scrolling got better. The frames per seconds increased. Copying the text got faster.(By long tap). The double tap feature to zoom in also got faster. Overall this simple tweak made chrome use the necessary RAM that it should get. Well, the tweak worked for most of the users (including me). Make sure you relaunch chrome.

The user also provided some other feature tweaks you can check them on the thread link given below.

How I speed up chrome on my Device| Reddit

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