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Short Description: This a how-to guide on how you can make internet faster. Here we covered in-depth content from how internet works with it’s problems for slow speed and solutions for it. So, grab a coffee if you want to, because it’s going to be long one.

Internet has evolved greatly from the past years. Replacing the copper wire with optic fibres and giving us a better speed for our tech gears. But fast internet speed that may not be the case for everyone. And surely not for the lucky citizen of Seoul in south Korea that experience mind blowing broadband speed of 1Gbps (128mb/s download speed). Have a look over this video where a guy downloads 700mb file within few seconds on 1Gbps connection.

Well, we can just dream of such broadband connection. And stare at the mirror to our steady reflection. You’re probably looking for tricks and tips for faster connection. But, I’ve got something more for you that’s all in all an interconnection and worthy for a twitter mention. In this article I’m going to take you behind the scenes of your internet and show you why your internet is so slow and how to increase it’s speed.

So, brace yourselves, you’re gonna learn things that you’ve never heard of and never did. Because, I don’t want you to make annoying face like that above meme. For all you want is to make internet fast so that you can watch videos without buffering.

So, let’s dive in and first learn how internet works, because everything here is of greater perks.

How internet works? (In a nutshell)

First of all, I’ll make you understand how internet works in a nutshell. Let’s just take an example of how you reached to this webpage on your web browser. Let’s say you typed in This site has it’s own IP(Internet Protocol) address. An IP address is an identification for the website all over the internet. Which is unique.

Even your computer has an IP address which is used as a reference for sending back the requested data. So, as you’ve typed the address of the website your modem will send information to the ISP(Internet service provider) that your computer needs to access the website. In the whole chain the IP address is used for identification so your computer’s address will be used as reference all over the internet for requesting data.

Further, in the chain the ISP sends the information to DNS (Domain Name Server), where the domain names are stored. Here is a domain name. So DNS checks for the domain name in the server. If doesn’t find such name it’ll send a 404 page error. Which you would have probably seen.

But, if it finds the domain name, it’ll send request to the website’s server where this webpage is stored. So, the website’s server sends the web page data in form of packets. This packets are of 1000 to 1500 bytes. The packets are sent to your computer through the same route from where it was requested.

The whole network is connected through wires and satellites. Which make this network possible. So, just think if any of the part of the network doesn’t work properly the whole chain will be broken. Well, the whole network was design by Robert Kahn, Vint cerf and their team. Both these person played a major role in designing the whole network. Before internet, ARPANET was the design that was proposed. [source: howstuffworks]


Slow internet: Problem and Solutions(Make Internet Fast)

Now, let’s have a look at the problems in your internet connection that are slowing it down. And also find a satisfying solution for it.

Type of Connection

The major role that plays for your internet speed is the type of connection that you use. The DSL and Cable connections are much faster than the dial-up connections. So, if you’ve got a choice use DSL or cable. Many ISPs now use Fibre optics (FiOS) for data transmission. Which transmit data much faster than traditional copper wire.
Most of you would be having a broadband connection via telephone line. So, make sure your telephone line sounds clear when dialing, but, if you hear crackling sound you should complain the service provider. Because this may cause your internet speed to slow down.

Also you’ll not be the only one connected to internet by the same ISP in your area. So your neighbours and friends locally will be using the connection too. So, the transfer rate of data gets distributed depending on the traffic. Also the distance between your place and the ISP office matters the speed.

Speed up your Cable Modem

1. Check your broadband speed.
Go to and check your broadband speed by clicking on start. If the speed is low than the actual speed promised by the ISP then you should contact them. As they will check if there is any connection problem.
2. Make sure your modem is updated
Check the official site of the modem manufacturer and see if there were any updates for the modem system. If there were, then you should download them. The downloads will be in form of small patches.
3. Get back 20% speed stole by windows XP
Well this tweak will only work on windows XP. Because windows XP uses 20% of internet speed is reserved for windows updates. So, follow below given steps to get back that 20%.
Step-1: Press Win Key+R. That’ll open run utility. Type in “gpedit.msc”. Press enter and you’ll get the group policy windows.
Step-2: Open the Qos Packet Schedule. Follow the hierarchy. Administrative Templates > Network > Qos Packet Schedule. Click on it.
Step-3: On the right side you’ll find Limit Reversible Bandwidth option. Double click on it. By default it’ll be not configured. Select enable and make the bandwidth limit from 20% to 0%.
Now you may find a significant increase in internet speed.

Use Free Open DNS

The DNS used by your ISP may not work sometimes and may also be slower. So, there’s Open DNS that provide larger bandwidth for your connection. You just need change the network setting and there Open DNS IP address to your system. Follow below given steps:
Step-1: Open the Network and sharing center.
Step-2: Choose your connection. As here I’m connected to a wireless connection.
Step-3: Now in the Networking Tab select IP version 4 and then select it’s properties.
Step-4: Now under General Tab select “Use the following DNS address” and add the address given in the image.
Press OK and you’re done. You should see increase in the speed. Check on

Increase Internet Speed on your Wireless router

You may also be using a WiFi modem or a wireless router. You main aim should be to increase the signal strength of the router and make it available to all your wireless devices at your home. So make sure you’ve applied these following tips.

Router Location

Say for example you’ve got a two storey house with a basement. So, with our aim to get the maximum signal strength we should keep at the centre of the house. Keep it at the centre of your first floor. If it’s not possible keep it at centre then track the signal using your wireless device and check where you get the maximum signal. Make sure you don’t keep it near a microwave or a cordless phone. This things also output signal that may hinder the signals of router. Give it free space to transfer signals.

Disabling Old wireless Protocols

You may be using a super-fast router with protocols 802.11n or 802.11ac, but if it connects to a wireless device with an older protocol 802.11g that whole network will slow down. So, you should set the protocol mode to accept devices with higher protocol. Set the mode to 802.11n, because most of the devices nowadays use this mode. The protocols are ac,n,g,b. With ac being the highest and b the lowest.

DIY Skills

There’s well known trick to focus your WiFi signal in one direction by using an empty beer can. See below image. It’s pretty easy.

Optimize your Web Browser

We have already share before on how to make your web browser run faster. So jump to the below link.

Scan for Viruses

Make use of your antivirus and scan for viruses and spyware that can are sucking in your internet speed. Viruses can deplete your speed by using internet to do their work. So make sure your device is virus free.

The Ultimate Tip or Advice to Increase Internet Speed

I’ve got many tips and tricks that can increase your internet speed. But, these tricks depend on each other and mostly depend on the service provided by your ISP. So, my ultimate tip to increase internet speed would be to take a better internet plan that gives you better and satisfying speed. That’s the ultimate solution.
    • If you’re looking for that 20% reserved Bandwidth than its total waste. It doesn’t work in Windows 7/8.1 or 10. It is specifically for Windows XP only. Though you can find it here in Win 7: Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Centre > Click on the network you’re using > Properties > Check the marker against QOS Packet Scheduler.

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