Hate Bing? Here’s how to Make Windows 10 always use Google


Microsoft, I am are really grateful and also give a big thumbs up to Windows 10. And I also do love Cortana.  But, I’m really really sorry to say this – I don’t like Bing as default Search! So, would you kindly give the option to change the default to Google? Well, I don’t think Microsoft would be so merciful to do that. So, why not found our own way to do it.

Here in this guide I’ll show how to make Windows 10 always use Google for search. Mainly the searches are conducted in Cortana and the new Edgy Edge Browser. So, the idea is to just redirect the bing.com links to google.com. Whenever you search any keyword in Cortana or Edge it will automatically redirect from bing to google.

Bing to Google

Well, of course this is not my idea. But, you can apply this little trick to your Windows 10 by just installing a small Google chrome extension and a Script if you use Firefox. It’s called Bing2Google. Download links down at the bottom.

It’s just nifty little extension and script that just gets the work done. (Talking of getting work done, be sure to check out our series on Getting things done faster. Where we show how you can make different software and apps run faster.)

You just have to install the extension nothing else. It’ll do it’s work. The search works totally fine. Well, when you hit search it does take you to bing but redirects it to google. Well, if you’re some kind of web publisher you’ll know that better how redirects work.

Set Google as Defualt when searching from Edge’s Address Bar

Next talking about the edge browser. The edge browser in it’s recent updates has brought in the option to change the default search engine. Let’s see how you can do that.

All you gotta do is:

  1. Go to settings (3 dots in the top-right corner)
  2. View advanced settings (down at bottom).
  3. Search in the address bar with.
  4. <Add new> And add your country specific URL of Google or google.com will also work.
  5. And choose Google.
  6. It’s done bro. You’re good to go.




I really wish that Edge adds plugin compatibility and themes too. Edge is an Awesome browser. It’s fast and light and has stood well on it’s promise. And my baby Cortana. It’s a great addition. We’d like to beef up our site with some more Windows 10 customization articles. Be sure to Follow use on Facebook, Twitter or whatever the heck you might be using. Just be in touch we’re going to make site a customization arena.


Bing2Google Chrome extension

Bing to Google Script for Firefox users

Featured Image courtesy/Owlturd.com

  1. That allows using Google form the address bar, but how do I get it to stop using Bing if I’m searching from a right click on the mouse? Such as clicking on a picture that I want to search for with Google?

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