Malwarebytes Anti-Malware: Best companion for your Antivirus


Malwarebyte (MWB) Anti-malaware is the security software I’ve been using for almost a week. And I’m really satisfied with it’s results. Before downloading the software I was researching over the internet about- Does using two antivirus software on a PC doubles it’s security? Well, first I thought it’s sort of unusual question, but then I thought a bit practical. If you add one more 2 Gigs of RAM to your already buit-in 2 Gigs RAM, making it 4 Gigs for your PC. It would obviously increase the performance of the system. Then, what’s wrong with the case of security software. Two better than one.

Well, after searching over the PC security forums I found it’s perfect. It’s nothing wrong in using two security softwares. Also many forums users recommended of Malwarebytes anti-malware as the second security software. After so many recommendations I jumped over their website. MWB is whole of an organization that provides and develops security software for individuals and business companies. Anti-malware is not their only product. Well, it is their most popular product.
It should be popular because it tracked out the malware that my anti-virus couldn’t. That is what the actual aim of the software. (But, wait sec Ab. Are malware and virus both same terms? – Here’s an article explaining difference between virus and malware. But, I’ll explain it here in brief. Actually, Viruses are a subset of Malware. Including other subsets like rootkits, trojans and worms. Taking a look in the internet security history, in 1980s and 90s when PCs were becoming dominant there was no specific term like malware so people started using the word virus¬†and it got stuck. Technically malware term can be defined as a malicious code in a software that does harmful work on your PC without your permission. Like stealing passwords, mass spam emailing,etc. And the term virus can be defined as malicious code in software that infects other softwares and spreads that malicious code. Just, like the biological term virus does it infects other parts of the human body. So, as the word is still stuck in people’s head, the security companies use the word anti-virus and some don’t like the MWB.)

My experience with Malwarebytes

A month ago I had formatted one of my laptop and updated it with windows 8.1. I thought of installing no security software and just kept on using and downloading things I’d usually do. I purposely did it to actually test the antivirus and see if how many malware it tracks out. After a month I installed AVG Free antivirus. (The one antivirus I recommend. Also you should check out the straightforward guide to secure a PC.)
AVG did a pretty good job in tracking down viruses. But, then I installed MWB and scanned my PC. And, surprisingly it found out more than 30 viruses and trojans that AVG couldn’t find. That was pretty cool. Also one more thing happened. While MWB was performing scan AVG popped out a message saying it found a threat. (See the below screenshot). That was a bit unusual.

After MWB finished scan I searched in the quarantine for the trojan file that AVG detected and it wasn’t there. May be the real-time protection of AVG found it out first than MWB. But, I think so MWB laid down pointers over all the files that had to be scanned and eventually AVG tracked down that pointer on the infected file and scanned that file before MWB could reach that pointer. So, AVG popped out the virus detection message and removed the virus.

It was like both software were supporting each other. So, I guess this perfectly justifies the title of the article. I damn recommend Mawlarebytes Anti-malware to be used as a backup for antivirus.



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