Is Malwarefox Safe to Use? Full Review

MalwareFox is an anti-malware solution developed and marketed by Wolf of Webstreet. It is a lightweight program that doesn’t use much of computer’s resources. It provides protection against all kind of modern threats such as browser hijacker, ransomware, keyloggers, spyware, and zero-day malware. Today, we will look at a detailed overview of the program and see if it is safe to use?

Installation of MalwareFox

I haven’t seen such a simple installation process of an antimalware suite, to be frank. The setup file itself is not more than 15 MB, you can download that within few minutes even on a dial-up connection. It is a matter of a few seconds if you have a broadband connection. The whole installation process is covered in 5 steps that should not take more than 5 minutes. Even a newbie can easily follow the instruction and set it up.

  • In the first step select the preferred language and click Ok,
  • Then Click Next, Read and accept the agreement.
  • Choose the desired installation location
  • Select additional tasks

The rest is automatic, MalwareFox will be installed in a flash and then it will update the program. After that, it will download the latest signatures of culprits from the server. On my core i3 processor computer it just takes 2 minutes to install.

Features of MalwareFox

  • Real-Time Protection
    Real-Time Protection is what that will caught the threats before they can start damaging your computer. It works in the background monitoring all the activity. It monitors your network and the files entering from other sources such as removable device. It will remove adware on the spot.
  • Full Scan
    With full scan, you can check your computer thoroughly for threats. It checks the installed programs, storage, browsers etc. On my PC filled with 250 GB of data, it takes 18 minutes to do a full scan. In the meantime, I was perfectly browsing multiple tabs on Chrome and worked on Photoshop.
  • Manual Scan
    Manual scan feature of MalwareFox is a quick way to clear the doubt. If you are suspicious of a program or few files, you don’t need to do Full Scan just drag and drop those files on the MalwareFox to scan them. Alternatively, you can right-click on a file or folder and choose Scan with MalwareFox Antimalware.
  • Scheduled Scan
    You need to make double sure that your computer doesn’t get an infection. So schedule a scheduled scan with MalwareFox and stay in peace.

User Interface

User Interface of MalwareFox antimalware is attractive. The home screen of the suite consists of all features including Scan button. The software looks elegant with the black and white theme. On the home screen, you will get information about System Status, License, Last Scan, Last Update Check, on the right side. The left side shows you the status of Real-Time Protection, it also has a drop box where you can drag and drop files and folder to perform a deep scan.

The upper side of the home screen there are buttons to Settings, Quarantine, License, Reports (Log). You can quickly visit these options and come back by clicking on the Home button. The home button is placed left upper corner.

Overall, MalwareFox user interface is quite simple and attractive. A user with no advanced knowledge can easily understand and navigate through different options.


Performance wise MalwareFox also does a good job. After the installation, I haven’t seen any degrade in the performance of my machine. Like other anti-malware suites, it doesn’t eat much of my system resources. Even while a scan you can easily do your other work on the machine. The ransomware removal tool of MalwareFox is excellent.

Now let’s talk about the effectiveness of MalwareFox against threats. Before installing MalwareFox, my computer has an infection of browser hijacker. In the middle of browsing, my browser redirects me to an unknown webpage. I checked all the settings and extensions but there was nothing suspicious.

After the first scan with MalwareFox, it doesn’t only catch the hijacker that was redirecting me but also caught other half dozen infections on my computer. Not to be said, I had an antivirus solution which seems ineffective against these threats.

I am using MalwareFox for 11 months and it has saved me from a long list of malware.

Worth your Money?

MalwareFox license comes in a one-year subscription basis. You can get a one-year subscription in less than $23 for one PC. Means $23 for peace of one year, it protects you from browser hijacker, ransomware, keyloggers, spyware, rootkits etc. MalwareFox also has attractive plans if you want to purchase it for more than one PC. You can check its website to know more.

Is MalwareFox Safe to Use?

Absolutely, MalwareFox is an antimalware suite that protects you from threats. I have personally never detected any issue in past 11 months of my usage. The setup file doesn’t contain any bundled hijacker or spyware. Most antimalware suite bundles such malware to spy on you.

Here are few reasons why you should trust on MalwareFox

  • MalwareFox works on Pro-Active technology to detect threats. It first checks the possible threat with the signature and if the signature is matched it blocks the threat. If the threat doesn’t match the signature in the database then it uploads the threat to cloud to check its behavior and takes action accordingly.
  • MalwareFox doesn’t interfere with other antivirus suites. I am running Avast antivirus with MalwareFox and haven’t faced any issue.
  • It has detected more than 152000 threats.
  • 161000 users have installed MalwareFox on their computer in one year period.
  • 4300 worldwide users download MalwareFox in a day.

Final Verdict

In my opinion, MalwareFox is a lightweight yet strong suite that blocks almost every modern threat. I have seen several antimalware suites loaded with lots of tools that make our PC sluggish. We don’t need those tools actually; they just eat our system resources. MalwareFox doesn’t bother you with notifications unless it is about a serious threat. It works in the back silently. This is actually we need. However, few tools like password manager and encryption of important data will make this suite more effective, but only if it doesn’t get heavy.

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