How to Get Android Marshmallow’s “Doze” Feature in your Smartphone

Android 6.0 Marshmallow introduced a new feature called “Doze” which makes your smartphone sleep completely when your screen is off. No apps will be able to use the internet. When the screen turns on, the phone will be back to normal. Thus saving your battery when the phone is idle. Now you can have this feature on your smartphone even if you don’t have Marshmallow. No root is needed. Just download the below-given app. Necessary instructions on using the app are given.

InstallingĀ Doze features on your smartphone


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This app requires your smartphone to have Android 4.1 and higher version. Also, it’ll need access to VPN access in order to block apps from accessing the internet.

What does the app do?

The app actually blocksĀ apps from using the internet when phone’s screen is off. It doesn’t disable WiFi/3G/4G. If you had WiFI/3G turned on it will work fine again when the screen turns back on. It’s different from the power saving mode in Lollipop.

The power saving mode in Lollipop disables the app from using the internet unless specifically open that app. When the app is opened it will start taking data from the internet. Here in Doze, the apps connect to the internet when screen turns back on. So, you need not specifically open the app.


  • Saves battery by blocking apps from using the internet when the phone is idle.
  • Select apps that won’t be affected by Doze. Means will access the internet when the screen is off.
  • Preference for Auto quitting doze when connected to WiFi and when the phone is charging.

How to use it?

Right after you download and open the app you’ll be asked to let the app have VPN access. After giving access the app will start functioning. You can try turning off the screen and turning it back on. You will get a toast saying your phone was dozed. You can turn off this toast from the settings menu. Also in the settings menu, you get the preferences for auto quitting doze when connected WiFi and while the phone is charging. On the left sunrise icon, you can select which app you want to have internet access while the screen is off.

Few Tips for saving Battery

  • We have shared before how you can save the battery of your android smartphone by controlling app processes. It can significantly save battery and also speed up Android.
  • In order to increase battery life charge your phone up to 75%-80%. Don’t fully charge it. Frequently charge it as you use it throughout the day. Keep it on charging when it’s around 20%-25%.
9.0Overall Score
Doze - For Better Battery Life

The app does pretty good job in preventing apps from using internet. Battery drain was significantly less when phone was kept idle for at least one hour. We tested it both Jelly on bean and Lollipop.

  • Overall Rating

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