4 Handy Messaging Apps that can Block Spam Messages

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Spam messages are one of the annoying things you encounter frequently. While it’s not possible to stop them completely, there are number of ways to block them. We had shared before on different ways to Block SMS spam on Android. Third-party apps was one of the option that we pointed out. Below are few apps that can come in handy to block the spam messages. Note that apps are in random order, it’s not a top lists post.

Any of these apps can be used to prevent spam messages in android phone. Tutorial is also included about how to block spam using any of the app.


  • Open Hangouts (duh!).
  • Open the spam message you want to block.
  • Tap the three-dot menu button on top-right corner of screen.
  • Tap ” People & options”.
  • Now tap the “Block (number)”.
  • And you are done! You won’t get any spam message from that number anymore.

 #Go SMS Pro

  • The spam message can be blocked in two ways.
  • Tap & hold spam message and select “Add to Blacklist” from options.The messages from particular number will be blocked.
  • The other way is to input spam message number manually.
  • Swipe on left side on main screen and tap “SMS Blocker” from list.
  • Tap “Blocker Setting > Blacklist Management” and press “+” to add numbers.
  • Say goodbye to all spam messages!


  • Open the app.
  • Tap & hold the message , the option window will pop-up.
  • Select “Blacklist” and tap “Ok” .
  • And you are done,that’s it!


  • Long press on any message you want to block. (This will include the sender it’s number to be blocked from sending you messages.)
  • Press menu button on your phone and you’ll options to Turn off notifications or Block it.
  • Choose whichever option you like and you’re done. The sender will be blocked.
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