How to Mirror and Share Android Screen Across Devices

mirror and share android screen to pc

Full screenshot of my Mirrored Samsung Tablet.

Are you looking for something lightweight that can easily mirror you android screen across devices? Then here’s a Chrome App Vysor that can let you mirror your android smartphone’s screen across multiple devices. And, it’s not just about mirroring you can even share your screen with your friend living 1000 miles away.  The Chrome App is developed by famous Android developer Koushik Dutta. Founder of ClockWorkMod. The app is still in beta and is open source available on Github.

So, I’ll first summarize it’s working. You’ll need a lollipop running android device(didn’t work with kitkat) connected via USB to your PC or Mac. It’s supports all operating systems. Vysor chrome app will automatically detect your device and start the process of mirroring.

The android application will be automatically downloaded to your phone. At first it will show a blue screen mentioning the following keyboard shortcuts: F1 for Menu, Right Click for Back and Home for Home button(on android). It works really smooth. If it doesn’t in your case the probable reason would be WebGL on Chrome might be disabled. Steps are given below on how enable it.

Mirroring Android Screen to PC, Mac or Linux

  1. Download the Chrome app and connect your android device via USB to your PC or Mac.
  2. Make sure USB Debugging is turned on. If it’s not go to Settings > About > Build Number (Keep Tapping until you get a Toast saying “You’re a Developer now”). Now you’ll see developer options turned on. In there see USB Debugging and turn it on.


    Turn on USB Debugging

3. If you’re a Windows user you need to have ADB Drivers installed. You can get the download link in the chrome app’s footer.


Windows User need to Download Universal ADB Drivers

4. That’s it. App will detect your device and run the process to start mirroring. You can re-size the screen the way you want. Tablets even work smoothly. Next, we’ll see you can share your screen with someone else.

Sharing Screen with others

You can also share you android device’s screen with some friend on his PC. All you need to do is send a sharing link to him. When he clicks on the link automatically Vysor will be downloaded and the above same process will be applied. Make sure you have a high speed internet for smooth mirroring. Multiple PCs and Macs can be connected by just one link. You can get the link using the share button.


Share with Multiple devices

How to Enable WebGL in Chrome

By enabling WebGL Chrome will use Hardware Acceleration to provide better screen image while mirroring. In order to do so go to Chrome://flags and press Ctrl+F. Type “gpu-blacklist”. You’ll get the option – Override software rendering list – Enable it. Now, restart chrome. And check at chrome://gpu if WebGL Hardware acceleration is enabled.

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Enable WebGL Hardware acceleration.

Is it the Best App for Mirroring Android Devices?

Well, I think Yes. Koushik Dutta has developed before a Mirroring App called Allcast. But, this time he built a nice lightweight app which is easy to use and manage. No additional features just pure device mirroring and sharing service. It can also be useful in android development as replacement to emulator. It’s still in beta. There are some bugs like F1 shortcut doesn’t work.

What do you think is Vysor is worth it? Which App are you using right now for Screen sharing? Let us know in the comments below.

  1. Tiffany Frankie

    Great! So many ways to mirror Android screen to PC. BTW, can it control the Android on PC? I am using a nice software – ApowerMirror, it can mirror and control the phone from my Windows computer. So I can play games better on the computer. If the app could realize that, that is pretty cool!
    Thanks for your info!

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