Mobile Internet Usage:The 6 Leading Reasons That Brought Growth

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The Internet plays an important role in every aspect of human life. Its usage is extended to numerous fields, including education, healthcare, business, and much more. Individuals may access the Internet through numerous devices like desktops, tablets, smartphones, among others. However, the number of individuals accessing the Internet through their smartphones is increasing rapidly. The usage of mobile internet is increasing day by day.

According to a report by Internet & Mobile Association of India (IAMAI), around 371 million Indians have accessed the Internet through their phones till June 2016. The main reasons for this rise are the decreasing cost of mobile data, better mobile infrastructure, and higher availability of 3G and 4G networks. Let’s talk more about the reasons for the growth of mobile internet.

1. Advanced smartphones

A smartphone has more enhanced features compared to a laptop or a desktop. Phones are more personal and have the ability to easily detect the location and take pictures. ¬†This enhances a user’s experience while accessing the Internet through the smartphone. Realizing this, website owners have set up design teams to build mobile-friendly websites so as to offer users a personalized browsing experience.

2. Convenience

Mobile phones offer a high degree of convenience and ease of connectivity. Users may communicate through numerous methods like calls, text messages, or any other messaging platform. Besides, smartphones come with superior operating systems and offer touch-based interfaces which further offers high-end features such as HD voice calls, HD video calls etc.

The capability of downloading and utilizing different apps further increases the demand for the high-speed mobile internet. The low-speed mobile internet may lead to errors when downloading the apps. But with the high-speed mobile internet, various problems can be solved.

3. Access to the Internet while traveling

Using a laptop or a desktop may seem difficult while traveling. A mobile, on the other hand, is a convenient option. Users may carry their smartphones in their pocket and use the Internet anywhere anytime. This allows users to browse the Web, stream videos, play online games, and much more while traveling anywhere around the world. Users may also carry out other functions like listening to music, watching the latest news, learning foreign languages, besides many others.

4. Increased use of social media

Not surprisingly, 90% of Facebook users access the social network platform via their handset. Similarly, around 85% of Twitter usage happened on a mobile device. According to a survey by Pew Research Center, around 62% of Internet users in India use social networking sites through their phones. These statistics indicate that individuals are now opting to access social networking sites through their smartphones instead of desktops and laptops.

5. Access to virtual reality

Earlier, virtual reality (VR) technology was made available only through high-end gadgets. However, smartphones now enable users to access the virtual reality bandwagon. Users may, therefore, zoom through 360-degree videos and explore games through their handset. Virtual reality employs the smart phone’s hardware and displays technology to provide the visuals. Smartphones are now equipped with a superior lens and additional features for this very purpose.

6. Lower costs

The reduction in handset prices is the main reason for the increase in the number of smartphone usage. Besides, major networks in India now offer 4G high-speed Internet at low costs. Such reduced rates of both handsets and lower data have resulted in the increase in the rate of the Internet usage through phones.

The number of mobile Internet users will continue to increase in near future due to digitalization and affordable smartphones. This will most likely make India the largest Internet markets in the world.

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