Motivation: A Chrome Extension to avoid Procrastination


As you grow older from a kid to adult you become more conscious to productivity. Productivity, it’s the only way to keep your pockets filled with some bucks. But life always gives you the choice. Wanna be productive or procrastinate. There are many websites and apps to help you out avoid procrastination and you may remember some tips to anti-procrastinate too. But, there’s a very simple chrome extension called motivation that shows you the time passing by or to be precise your current age of how older you are getting.

You’ll have to add your birth date first in order to make this extension motivate you. After pressing the motivate button your age will start ticking. That’s really a good idea to make you aware of the time passing by. So, may be you’re procrastinating on Facebook(just scrolling down deeper as if you’re gonna find some treasure) and you open a new tab and boom that’s your age and how fast you’re getting older. So, don’t waste your precious time and life. That’s what this app want to tell ya. For the developers out there you can have the source code on Github.

Motivation on Chrome Web Store | via Digital Inspiration | Developer – Alex Maccaw

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