My Experience : A Month without Facebook

my experience on month without facebook

It was 31st Jan, night.(Don’t remember time.) I got on my bed after reviewing a software, took my phone and tapped on the dark blue icon with the letter “f” in it on my home screen. The damn Facebook. I checked my notifications, answered two of the messages from my friends and checked out who’s online even though wasn’t going to chat with anyone of them. I started scrolling down the wall. Saw a cool pic, liked it, SCROLLED, liked a status update and SCROLL, shared a funny pic and SCROLL, and scroll and scroll and scroll.

But, suddenly something struck my head. Something I never thought before. “Am I getting addicted to Facebook? Has it enslaved me?” Why is it every time I get Free I open Facebook? Why is it every time I go out of my city I check in that specific place? Why is it every time after a group photo the first thing that strikes is to upload it on Facebook? Why has it got involved that much in my life? Well, I should say involved that much in my brain.


Yep, I understand it’s social networking site, best way to communicate, catch up with friends and other stuff. But, why can’t I resist it? If there’s nothing to do, open Facebook. Get up from bed in morning, Facebook. Even I would “FART” after opening Facebook. What the hell! Is that all what I’ve got.

I’ll have to do something. If can’t remove it from my head, I can at least reduce it’s usage. I thought of not using Facebook for whole February. I pinged my besties that I’ll not use it for a month. They were not that surprised. They knew that this guy will do anything for adventure. And this time it was with Facebook. I deleted the app. Got on my laptop and deactivated my account. With a reason ” I’ll be back! “. I was all set for the adventure. And It began the next day.

The Adventure Begins

1st Feb. 6:30 AM. The alarm rings on my phone. I turned it off. Unlocked the screen. And with my eyes half open I tapped on the screen looking for that dark blue icon. Where the heck did it go! And after 15 seconds of hunt, I remembered the resolution of not using Facebook for a month.

I replaced the space left by facebook with Flipboard. An app that gathers your news, blogs and popular sites that you follow and organizes the content in form a magazine. And also can create your own magazine. It’s really a great app for productivity and always keeps you updated of what’s going around the world. Rather than pissing off your head to like a crappy selfie.

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That morning was really cool. My mom called me down for the break fast. I came downstairs flipping down Techcrunch on flipboard. Instead of scrolling to see a stupid “Good morning friends.” Status updates. Even my mom got shocked to see me flipping and not scrolling. I liked it. Doing something new. Changing your routine. It was nice experience that morning.

I went at the bus stop. Waiting for the bus. Bus comes up, I stepped in and took a seat  besides my friend. And he suddenly showed me a funny pic on that damn thing. I was like cool minded at that time and said him ‘Nice’ and gave him a faded smile. He starred at me like I’d stole something from him. But, actually I was resisting myself from that thing.

Long story Short

I’ll not make it long a story, I’ll end it with meaningful conclusion. Well, from 1st Feb till 28th Feb. I saw really drastic change in me. I actually got more active. I could spend more productive hours behind my studies and I programmed a lot. I read books, blogs and random topics which I was not at all interested (like this How poop can save your life).

I actually became more energetic. I also decided to workout every morning. All in all I was happy. I was happy with my decision. I never knew that to resist yourself from the thing you got addicted with, would bring peace in my mind. I also sold one of my other blog and made some money.

I always added all my links to pocket (Read it later app). I used quora a lot. Their community is damn awesome! Those hours spent on quora were the most knowledgable hours.

tweet about facebook and quora

Some Problems

Yeah! I had some problem while using internet. I had to register with sites using my email, as there was an option for sign up with Facebook. I don’t use twitter that much so there was no use of signing up with twitter. Also I couldn’t share stuff from blogs, as every time it would pop up to login to my Facebook. Facebook will never delete your account. It’ll just suspend it until you login.

I mostly chatted with friends on whatsapp, so no issues in communicating with friends and family.

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1st March

The end of the resolution. I downloaded facebook back on my phone. But, this time it wasn’t on the home screen. I learnt to use it effectively not addictively. It’s usage got reduced automatically. I created a list of my favorite blogs and sites and added that my to favorite lists on my news feed. So, that I could get updated of new technologies and programming stuffs.


self control for facebook

You never know where you life can take you. God may have different plans for you. You just need to give yourselves a chance to change. Never be the same. Keep changing. It was not only about Facebook. Each one of us has an addiction. An addiction that can ruin your life. That can imbalance your growth. Don’t be limited. Just open up your minds and live your life in fullness. Don’t anything enslave you. Have self-control.

And trust me 
“If you can control your mind. You can achieve anything!” 

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