5 Online Places to Get Low (or Even Free) Legal Advice for Business Owners

As a business owner, there are several situations that will push you to seek legal advice. Maybe it’s a contract dispute. Perhaps it’s a lawsuit from an employee or a customer. If you are not careful, such situations may compromise the integrity of your business and cost you your loyal customers.

It’s true that legal services are often expensive. In fact, according to a recent analysis by the American Bar Association, it may cost you $370-$536 an hour to get a reasonable one-on-one consultation with an expert attorney. Frankly, not may business owners can afford this, especially entrepreneurs who are not yet established. The good news though is that you don’t have to pay this high to get reasonable legal advice. Actually, in some cases, you don’t have to pay anything at all. Without further ado, here are 5 places on the internet that you can enjoy low-cost (or even free) legal advice.

Nolo (Free Consultation, Publications at a starting cost of $19.99)

Nolo is an old law platform that began in 1971 as a printing firm. Initially, they used to only sell legal books. Today, they also offer free consultation on corporate law. The experts are able to answer your legal concerns for free and can make recommendations on publications to read. The publications are what will cost you. The books cover topics such as patents, lawsuits, and employee rights among other legal aspects. You are allowed to open a free account to access the legal services.

Avvo (From Free Consultation to $39)

Avvo uses the question-and-answer approach to offer business owners free legal advice. However, if you want to talk to an attorney directly, you are expected to pay a flat fee of $39. On the platform, there are more than 89,064 high-profile corporate lawyers. When looking for a lawyer to consult on special needs trust, especially understanding your legal obligation in running setting up a trust, Avvo is the site to visit. Another great site visit, especially when you have burning concerns about special needs trust is the highly celebrated Christopher B. Johnson Attorney at Law, http://www.christopherbjohnson.com/special-needs-trusts/.

Lawyers.com (Free Articles)

On this site, you can benefit a lot by subscribing to and downloading free business law articles. They have helpful consultation features such as ‘Find a Lawyer’ and ‘Ask a Lawyer’ that you can use to find corporate solutions. The beautiful thing about the platform is that you can access the reviews of various attorneys. This means that you can pick the attorney that you like depending on what the past clients are saying. Lawyer.com is a reliable website that you can visit any time for legal counseling.

Rocket Lawyer (One-Week Free Trial, $39.95 Per Month)

Rocket Lawyer is specifically designed for online business owners who want help in creating legal business documents. You can have the experts review your legal document and put an electronic signature on it. You are also allowed to ask questions pertaining to legal documentation and the experts will give you sound advice and relevant solutions. Upon subscription, you enjoy a free-trial package after which you are expected to pay for your monthly subscriptions. In case you want additional information after making the monthly payment, the platforms offer you the advice at a discount.

Small Business Administration (Free Advice)

SBA offers business owners free legal resources relating to owning and running an online business. In addition to business law, they offer information on search engine optimization. So, attorneys can benefit from SEO and other ranking promoters if they access the different search engine content that SBA provides. All the information provided by the platform is free of charge.

Generally, the internet is a great place to find legal help in business matters. Nonetheless, it’s important to verify the advice before acting on it as there are many unreliable sources. The last thing you desire is to get yourself and your business into a steamy situation because you fell for a faulty legal advice that you lifted from online platforms or unverified sources. Be smart and always remember that you get what you pay for. All in all, the highlighted platforms are great places to start your legal consultation journey.

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