How to Install Phantom For Snapchat On iOS 10 [Without Jailbreak]

In this era of social media outbreak, Snapchat took popularity within a very short period. This is evident with not only the user base the app has developed but also other apps such as Facebook and Whatsapp being adopting the features of Snapchat. The Unique selling point aka USP of the Snapchat app is the ability to share several video clips that automatically vanishes after a certain period. You get the ability to share the video clips with as many friends you want. You also get a ton of active filters to choose from which are updated at regular intervals.

Being amongst one of the nice apps ever in the social media segment. Unfortunately, the stock Snapchat app also limits you from performing several things. For example, you are only allowed to record and post a video of only 10 seconds duration. Which brings us to a tweak called Phantom for Snapchat.

Previously, there was a tweak called Phantom for Snapchat which surfaced the internet and claimed to be the removing the restrictions of the stock Snapchat app. But, there was only one downside. The Phantom for Snapchat was only available for Jailbroken iOS devices only. But, not anymore since Phantom for Snapchat can now be installed on any iOS device that is running on iOS 10 and above without Jailbreak. Before we proceed further, we must know what all benefits Phantom have over the Stock Snapchat client.

Phantom for Snapchat: Overview

phantom for snapchat install

As it has been already been mentioned earlier, the stock Snapchat app puts a lot of restrictions on how you share your media via stories on the Snapchat social media platform. Phantom tries to remove all such restrictions. Unfortunately, this tweak can’t be directly used via iTunes store or any official means. But, there are several methods available online to install Phantom for Snapchat freely. Let us first discover what all you can do after you install ‘Phantom for Snapchat’.

  • Now save snaps and stories to the phone storage in the camera roll.
  • You get this ability to upload photos and videos from your phone memory. It was previously not allowed on the stock Snapchat app.
  • Disable the hold gesture to keep the snaps opened.
  • Hide Discover and Live Stories section after you’ve installed Phantom for Snapchat.
  • You can view the stories of your friends anonymously without letting them know.
  • The addition of a new paint brush tool that lets you change the brush size, redo the strokes and paint bucket option is now available.
  • You can watch the snaps of your friends as many times as you want and can then mark them as ‘read’.
  • You can now select multiple contacts at once.
  • There are additional caption options available now such as you can type the unlimited amount of text now, change the background image and its color and change fonts of the text entered.

Step by Step guide on How to install Phantom For Snapchat:

Note- Please follow the guide carefully, if you face any errors make sure to repeat the steps from scratch.

Phantom-for-Snapchat-cydia impactor

  • Now open the Cydia Impactor tool and make sure the iPhone is connected to the PC via the USB cable. Also, it is to be noted that iTunes for Windows/MAC is pre-installed on the system before playing around with Cydia Impactor.
  • Now drag and drop the Phantom for Snapchat IPA file on to Cydia Impactor.
  • You’ll be asked to enter your Apple ID and Password to install Phantom for Snapchat on your iPhone. Once it is done and verified, you’ll be able to see the Snapchat icon on the home screen of your iPhone.

Phantom-for-Snapchat-apple id

  • To make things smooth, go to the iPhone settings and then to General and then look for Profiles. Now look for the Profile that has your Apple ID as the name on it and open it. Use the toggle menu to Trust it. (or from ‘Device Management’)


  • Now head back to the home screen of your iPhone, and you can use the Snapchat app with Phantom installed on it.

Common Installation Errors:

It is very much likely to you to face some errors. If you are facing troubles while using the Snapchat app, you can follow these quick tweaks to make the app work again. Snapchat automatically will start to crash after seven days of installation of Phantom. You are supposed to perform all these steps once again, make sure to uninstall the app before proceeding.



If you are getting ‘provision.cpp:150′ Error while installing Phantom for Snapchat then don’t worry. Just log in to your Apple account using your Apple ID and password. Then head over to ‘App Specific Passwords’ create a password for the Cydia Impactor tool and enter that password.

So now with Phantom, you can easily share videos on Snapchat without any restrictions. Leave a comment down below if you are encountering any errors during the installation.

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