Let’s Go One Step Ahead and Play Pokemon Go Joystick (No Root Required)

So I have been playing Pokemon Go from last two weeks like any other players all over the globe. As someone who loves to play games, I was excited about the new concept of the Pokemon Go. It was a breath of fresh air. But all my excitement was down the drain as the reality hits me. There are many obstacles (pfft..excuses)which prevent me from playing the game all day long. So I decided to dig again and found a method which I missed before. So now it’s time to play Pokemon Go Joystick!

What we need is an app called “Fly GPS” from Google Play store to enable a joystick in the Pokemon Go. Many users complained that it’s not working anymore but I still decided to give it a try. I used the app in last few couple of days for hours and it’s still working for me. So I decided to shout out my experience and address the issues which I faced. Do note that you need Marshmallow android version on your device to use the app. There is no need for rooting required for it.

Oh, I forgot about the new tracking system update of the game. It was easy before to play Pokemon go without moving, using Pokevision.com. But since many old Pokemon tracking sources are down, I also added a working Pokemon tracking app down below, which goes hand in hand with Fly Gps.

Update: The following trick is no longer working due to the removal of features from the app. Here’s an updated guide to play Pokemon Go Joystick on Android. No rooting required.

How To Play Pokemon Go JoyStick On Android ( No Rooting Required )

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Things To Look Out For:

At first, I struggled a little bit in using the joystick along with other few things. I kept experimenting different things & here is a fruit of all my labor, just to play Pokemon go joystick.


  • Make sure that game compass is properly aligned like shown in the above image. Otherwise, your character will move in a different direction than what you intended.
  • The joystick location can be changed. You can drag it to anywhere on the screen.
  • Sometimes while changing the joystick position, the joystick will be closed. When that happens, just follow the steps from “5 to 7” from above guide.
  • I will say it again, Do not select locations outside of your city. The game will ban you for few hours, which means you can’t catch Pokemon & Pokeshop won’t give any goodies. But if you still want to use another city as a location, follow the road. Yes I know, It’s stupid and time-consuming, but it’s the only way.
  • Another solution is a little bit trickier and I won’t guarantee that it will work, but here it is. Play the game and let the server know your location. Wait for few hours, same as the actual time you need to travel to your desired location/another city. Select the location after it and start the game.
  • The easiest method I found to hatch eggs is to follow the road. If you keep walking through buildings just to reach a location faster, the distance will not be counted for eggs.
  • Restart the game time to time. When you keep move to different locations, the nearby Pokemon will be bugged. It will show you the Pokemon that you didn’t catch from your earlier locations. It will also help when the required km to hatch an egg is not decreasing.


Q. I can’t select the app in the Mock location. There is an only option to enable mock location.

A. The trick only works in Android Marshmallow. Any other versions of Android are not supported.

Q. The game is showing me an error “Failed To Detect Location.”

A. The error occurs due to various reasons. There are few ways to solve it, but it’s not a guaranteed solution. Try out few things below.

  • Use a better Internet connection. If the connection is slow, you will get this error.
  • Turn on the Gps & go to Settings > Location Services and set it in “High Accuracy” mode.
  • Make sure your device is supported by Google and have all needed google apps like play store, maps, services etc.
  • Update the Google Maps & other Google Services apps. The Fly GPS relies on these google apps.
  • Alternate Method: First, open the game & then enable the mock location and select Fly Gps. If you still encounter the error, download the ” Fake GPS Go” app which I mentioned in my previous Pokemon Go article. Keep the both game and Fly Gps open & go back to the Mock location. Select the Fake Gps & open the app. Now again select the map location & tap on set location button twice. [ Again check the previous article to see the details, the link is attached at the start of this article]
  • Now the error will be gone and it’s time to reverse the process. Go back to mock location & select Fly Gps again. You can now close the Fake GPS go app. This will only work if your device does not force closes game during the whole process. You can also open Fake Gps Go app first & Fly Gps app later in the above process.

Q. Can I change the Joystick’s position?

A. Tap & hold near the outer circle of the joystick. You can then drag & drop it across the screen.

Q. I now can’t play the game normally, it is showing a blue screen.

A. Disable the mock location & restart the game.

Hope it will solve the errors for you if it occurs.


The Smart Poke is back, packed with more features than before. Become smart at catching Pokemon in Pokemon Go because the Smart Poke is back!


Be Smart at Catching Pokemon With Smart Poke 2:

[Update: The app has been removed from the play store, along with another tracking apps. ]

So It makes me wonder about what happened to Smart Poke 1, but let’s not go there. Smart Poke 2 is a Pokemon tracking app which is available in play store for free. It has many features to track Pokemon which comes very handy. For example, notifying when a rare Pokemon is nearby, background Pokemon scanning even while the app is closed, filtering Pokemon etc. The app is not perfect and has its share of bugs, but it does do what it’s made for. There may be other alternatives, but I found this app perfect for the time being. So what you need to do is:

  • Download the app ” Smart Poke 2 ” from the Play Store.
  • Create a Pokemon Trainer Club Account. You will ned it to use the app.
  • Open the Smart Poke 2 app and login with your Pokemon Trainer Club Id.
  • Once it’s done, go to Settings from the menu button at the top.
  • Turn on the AutoRefresh & Show Notification if it’s off.
  • Set the Refresh Delay as you like. It is to set the time interval between each Pokemon scans.
  • Now close the app since it can scan in the background.

play pokemon go joystick smart poke 2

  • Open the Pokemon Go. Move around a little bit and you can see the notification from Smart Poke 2 about nearby Pokemon.

play pokemon go joystick track

  • Tap on notification and it will show you the exact location of Pokemon on the map.

Switching between the apps will close the game and app many times, so it’s best to keep the Smart poke 2 close. While trying the app, I noticed that if the app is opened while playing the game, it will not show the nearby Pokemon when I travel from my initial location. I had to close both apps and open it again to see more Pokemon locations.

It is because Smart Poke 2 can’t detect the changing location due to “Fly GPS”. But if it’s closed, the app will work just fine and will detect the Pokemon as you move. So just tap on the notification when the Pokemon you want is nearby and keep the Smart Poke 2 closed. The app may not work if the Pokemon Trainer Club website is down.

You can turn off the notification from the settings or it will become really annoying receiving notifications even when you not playing the game. The app may not work if the Pokemon Trainer Club website is down.

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With all said and done, it’s time to play Pokemon go joystick. I hope it helps everyone to hunt down all the surviving Pokemon on the earth. If you know any other great methods, feel free to leave it in a comment!

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  1. Charline Labore

    It’s really a nice and useful piece of info. I am satisfied that you simply shared this helpful information with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I applied the app to a place outside my city now it won’t give any goodies from pokestop or catch Pokemon how to cure this

    • Like I mentioned it many times in the article,you will get banned if you pick the locations outside of your city,which you did & now are banned. Wait for few hours,you will be unbanned.

      • Actually, just sit at a poke stop and spin it, when it says try again exit out of the pokestop, go back in to the pokestop and spin again. Repeat for a few minutes and eventually you get the items.

        • Try repeating the same steps again while keeping the game open. If it doesn’t help, then It could mean that the app is not compatible with your device.You can also try to install the older version of the app through .apk file & check if it works.

  3. bot working for my android marshmallows MI MAX joystick is not showing I’ve followed all the steps but still

  4. This works for me, but an issue I have found for me, is that I can’t fight gyms, as the app crashes, and sends me back to my location, any ideas?

    • It may be due to other apps of your device is trying to access the location. Disable the location permissions for them and restart the device.It should solve the problem. Also, do not forget to give them location permission back when you not playing the game.

  5. how to i change the position of the joystick on the screen? coz it blocks some of the in-game menus…please help

  6. I have a rooted phone. When i play Pokemon Go, after few minutes, fly gps closes automatically. I again have to restart both the apps and this continues until i use fly gps. After fly gps closes, pokemon go sends me to my original location and i get banned. Please help…:(

  7. Hi ive tried all the steps. When i click start service (pokemon go) the joystick did not appear? But the gps spoof works

  8. XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers. It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality. Are you a developer?

  9. I have marshmallow Android version but Still its not working properly on my cell……when I start Pokemon go game fly GPS works at the starting time , but as I go on selected location in nearby area , fly GPS automatically gets turn off , and then I come on my original location….

  10. This app is very helpful. I have caught lots of pokemons such as nidkoking, dragonnite, dragonair, blastoise, etc… But the thing is that sometimes when i go to a location, i cant get anything from pokestops and if i try to catch a pokemon, it will run away.. why is that? please reply……

  11. I can’t find it in the playstore at all I’ve been using it for month’s deleted because i couldn’t use my real navigation and now i can’t find it to download it..any idea if it’s been removed

  12. Adarsh pradhan

    I downloaded fly gps nd pokemon go and I started playing but I still face the problem failed to detect location I tried many times bt still I dnt get any solution I jumped many location location changed but still in pokemon go game is showing failed to detect location plz help me I am by getting solution for my phone my phone is Samsung galaxy j5 and marshmallow version. Plz help me…

    • Adarsh pradhan

      All is working joystick location is also changing bt in game it’s showing failed to detect location plz help me with this problem…

  13. It doesnt let me select “pokemon go joystick hack” only says fixed location mode and move location mode

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