Play Pokemon Go Without Moving on Android (No Rooting Required)

pokemon go without moving pokevision

Pokemon Go is all about going outside from your comfort zone and catching Pokemon in the middle of nowhere. Sure it was very enjoyable in the beginning, going on Pokemon hunt with fellow players and searching in the darkest corners of the city. But the recent bug-type Pokemon-I mean the tracking bugs in the game made it very hard to catch Pokemon. But to be honest, I don’t have enough free time to actively look for Pokemon all day. But there is still these urges which make me want to destroy other’s gym. Which is kinda impossible for me if I don’t spend time playing the game. So I found the solution to my obsession & started playing Pokemon go without moving from home.

The Pokemon Go is officially available for only few selected countries at the moment.But you can still download the .apk file of the game from different sources to play the game. It is not secure as these files may be filled with viruses and it can’t be trusted. But you can try out this Play Store Fix To Avoid most popular error : “This Item isn’t available in your country”.

There is Always a Reason

There are many reasons to play the game from home, one of them being the free time. Pokemon Go has lifted the age barrier, which attracted players from different age group. Sure you can work for 6-7 hours and spend free time in the game, only if you are not interested in the competition. Although, it will be hard when the new updates roll out.

It’s indeed free to download, but it’s not free to play. I am not talking about storage & backpack upgrades, but the cost of traveling. It sounds like an absurd reason as you have to walk outside to play the game. But in my case & I believe for so many other players, Pokemon are not always around. Walking to the different part of a city, just to fill that empty entry in the Pokedex is a fool’s errand. By the time player reach the particular area, that rare Pokemon will be long gone. Burning gas every day will only leave players with few piggies and an empty wallet.

The last and the least reason is an internet connection. Paying extra bucks for an internet connection even while having high-speed Wifi at home. There may be many reasons, but you can just follow the below steps and can play Pokemon go without moving from home. Is it cheating? From the technical point of view, it is. But it’s just a game to play & enjoy as you will not be messing with other players even if you use this method.

Here’s How You can Do It (No Root Required)

So to play Pokemon Go without moving from home, I tried to use GPS-spoofing. GPS spoofing is faking your GPS location using various methods. There are many spoofing apps in the Google Play Store, but none of them worked for Pokemon Go. Then I found a GPS spoofing app specially made for Pokemon Go with mixed reviews. I decided to give it a try and voila! it worked like a charm. The app is not perfect, but it’s the only working GPS-spoofer I found for non-rooted Android device. So without further putting on the airs, here are simple steps to get you started.

  • Go to the Google Play store and download Fake GPS Go.
  • Once you finish installing, head to your Phone settings> Developers Options. If you have Marshmallow Android version, it may be locked. You can easily unlock Developer options with just a few taps on Build number.

 pokemon go without moving mock location

    • Once the develops options is unlocked, head to Settings>Develops Options> Select mock location app> and select Fake GPS.

pokemon go without moving permission

    • Open the Fake GPS Go app & grant the permissions by tapping on Request Permissions & the tap on PROCEED.
    • Tap on Select Location and it will show your location on the map. Drag & drop the red location marker at your desired position & tap Select this location.

pokemon go without moving permission

  • Tap on Set Location once to fake your location. Tap on it again to avoid ” Failed to detect Location” error.
  • Open the Pokemon Go game and your character will be at your chosen location.
  • That’s it. Now you can switch between game and app to keep changing location.
  • The app has YouTube video link attached about the tutorial. Watch it once if you are confused about steps.

For everyone who made this far, welcome to the dark side. Do note that above app is only applicable for Android devices and there is no rooting required. There are some limitations of the app which I will be mentioning below, but you can try out other methods. There is an app or rather module called Pokemon Go Joystick,but it will require root. I won’t suggest rooting your device just for the sake of a game since it can also damage your device if you are not experienced with it.

Limitations :

  • Ads will be popping up once in a while, but it’s tolerable.
  • There will be GPS error time-to-time,but it can be solved just by setting location again.
  • Sometimes your fake location will be switched back to your original location. Again just select your desired location and set the location. You will be teleported back to the fake location.
  • If the servers are having issues,there will be no Pokemon or Pokeshop appear around you at your fake location. Restart the game to solve it.
  • Do not try to select different countries or regions. You will be banned for few hours the moment you do it.


Q. I can’t fake location.

A. Make sure you have given necessary permission to the app. Your location will be reverting back to original location time-to-time. You have to set fake location again everytime it happens.

Q. My Location keeps reverting back to original location.

A. At first,it will happen a lot. Try to keep changing location in a short amount of time and restart game few times. It will work .I know this because I encountered the same situation and now it’s working properly.

Q. Pokeshop giving “Try Again Later” error after switching location.

A. Restart the game.You can use Pokeshop after it.

Q. Pokeshop not giving items and Pokemon flees every time even after restarting the game.

A. Congratulations! You have tried to teleport to different planet or country & are now banned. Wait for few hours to get unbanned.

Q. So wait,I can’t directly switch to far away location?

A. You can teleport, as long as it’s within your city. There is another option where you can keep switching location and follow the road. You can try mimicking the pattern, same as if you are actually traveling to other cities. But the servers will catch you if you tried to switch to a very far place in just one go.

I have been using this app for over a week, but I am not responsible for any ban on your accounts or related issues.

Update : So the Developers at Niantic went on witchhunting and has shut down all the Pokemon Go tracking sources. Which also makes it impossible now to track Pokemon via PokeVision. But the good thing is that we can still play Pokemon Go with A Joystick.

Take A Step Further with The PokeVision:

So yeah, you have the power to teleport in a whole city & can now play Pokemon go without moving,But how can it help in catching Pokemon? You have to track them & keep changing places to find the exact location. While doing so, you will also have to restart the game while encountering errors. So how can you utilize the app to its full extent?

PokeVision is a great website designed just for this purpose. It’s a substitute to track Pokemon till the tracking bug in the game is solved. But you can exploit it to your advantage via the Fake Gps Go app. You should get the idea by now, but here it is.

pokemon go without moving pokevision

    • Click on a button on left side of the search box. It will automatically detect your location. The browser will ask for the permission. Click on Share Location.
    • Click on your desired location and now click the red button at the bottom to scan the surrounding area.

pokemon go without moving pokevision

    • Now zoom in to see an exact location of the Pokemon. Open the Fake Gps Go app and set your location near the Pokemon.


  • Open the game and you will find the Pokemon as displayed in PokeVision.

You can hunt down your desired Pokemon with this method from wherever they are & play Pokemon go without moving an inch. The PokeVision have a 30-second cooldown for scanning. You can try multitasking by keep scanning different location while you catching the Pokemon in the game.

Do note that if the Pokemon Go servers are down, PokeVision website will also be down. If the servers are busy, Pokevision will not show all the Pokemon. Which means the game will show more Pokemon in surrounding than PokeVision. You are on your own during such situation.

What’s your favorite method to play Pokemon go without moving ? Put a comment down below if you found this method useful or maybe even brag about your war spoils.

    • It will happen if there is not enough RAM available in the device.Kill any running apps (not the system ones) and restart the phone.It should fix the force close.

  1. My phone doesn’t have select mock location app option in developer option…currently using lenovo a7000…it jst have allow mock location option…

    • You need to update your Android device to Marshmallow. This method is applicable for only Android Marshmallow Devices.

  2. Ok so I’ve been using another similar app is working fine and all but I’d like to ask are we sure Niantic can’t detect usage of mock locations and ban us next time? I don’t root my device, got softbanned once before but I’ve been looking for answers as to can Niantic detect mock locations without root. I know they can detect root and it needs to be hidden, but that’s not my problem- mine is regarding non rooting.

    Much thanks.

    • Niantic can only detect Gps spoofing based on your activity. If you keep switch to far away locations in the short amount of time,it will prove that you are spoofing Gps. They can’t ban any player just based on Mock location,only by in-game activity. So player is safe as long as he/she cheats smartly.

  3. Once the game has started and you see the trainer standing, switch to the location faker. In the maps of location faker, simply move your position to a few meters away. Open the Pokemon Go back again. You will see that the trainer will run to the position you ve changed in the location faker. That will take a little more time as then you wll have to install virtual machine in it before proceeding and then install os x on windows

  4. No matter what I do, I still get ‘Failed to detect location’ – I have read elsewhere that Niantic now will refuse to recognize phone with mock location enabled.

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