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play store fix for device incompatibility

Google Play Store is the last destination to your everlasting journey of finding new apps. But do not make haste as your path is not an easy one. You will face many trials such as “This app is not compatible with your device” and much more. Now getting back to the reality, many Android users encounters troublesome errors time to time. There are various reasons for these errors and Play Store Fixes as well. Here are some working play store fixes which will help in saving the day. But before we start, ever wonder why the error is still kicking even after the implementation of lots of updates?

Why is your Device incompatible?

The biggest culprit would be the availability of gazillion amount of devices. Every few months, many new models are poured into the market by companies all over the world. The app developers are expected to step up their game to keep up with the new models.

But it is not possible to make the app run perfectly on every single device. This leads us to the current situation where developers are more focused on compatibility with flagship devices. To prevent negative backlashes from the users in case app doesn’t work, some minority old devices are labeled incompatible. There are many apps which can run smoothly even if Play store says so otherwise. We will be suing Play store fix for it.

The second reason would be the lack of love for the older devices. The big companies are spending more efforts on pushing out new models rather than giving updates for older devices. Not everyone can afford to change their device every few months. It is a vicious cycle.

Play Store Fixes: Identify The Cause

Have you ever wondered why the Play Store shows compatibility error? There are a number of reasons. To find out the culprit, all we have to do is head to web-based Google Play store on either PC or laptop. The web version will also show the compatibility error, but it also provides additional information. Clicking on the error will show all of your devices which share same email id for Play store. There you can see the actual cause for the app being incompatible. The common reasons are the country based restriction, restriction due to device’s carrier or due to device’s lower OS version.

Note that not all apps provide information and many times it will say “ This item is incompatible with your device” again. I know it can be annoying, but you can try to use below play store fixes to deal with this error.

The Simple Solutions

Now since we can track the reason behind the app being incompatible, we can easily apply the needed fix instead of going through every one of them.

Update The Play Store App:

your device isn't compatible fix1

If your device is using an older version of Play Store app, then you may see incompatible apps. Usually, the app updates itself whenever the newer supported version is available. But if you are not sure about the app version, all you have to do is perform these simple steps. Go to the Settings > Apps > Find the “Google Play Store “ app from the list > Clear data & Clear cache. Find the “Google Play services” app the same way & clear its data & cache as well. This will do trick and will wipe out the Play Store data. Now open the Play Store and it will automatically update to newer compatible version.

It’s time to download the app you wanted. If the app is still showing incompatible status then worry not. We still got more play store fixes up our sleeves.

Bypassing The Country Restrictions:

If you are trying out the new apps time to time, you may have already stumbled upon few apps available for only particular countries. The recent popular example for it would be the “Pokemon Go” app during its prime time. The game was not available worldwide during the launching. The app was not initially downloadable for everyone but it didn’t mean that game was unplayable for users in restricted countries.

There are a number of ways you can utilize to bypass such restriction. The fastest way to bypass it would be using a VPN app. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. We have already covered this topic in our Play Store Fix | This item isn’t available in your country guide.

Installing the.apk from Third-party websites

If you don’t want to go through lots of steps just to install an app, you can directly install the app through Third-party websites. All you have to do is use your favorite search engine (Google) and search for the .apk file of the app you want.

Note that downloading from insecure third-party websites may bring harm to your device. It is also not illegal to download an app through such sites, but only when the app is free. We do not advise you to download paid apps in such a way.

Installing app via .apk file would not show as installed in your Play store app list. Which means you have to search for newer version of the .apk file every time to update the app.

Upgrade the Android Operating System

The best way to fix this issue is to use the latest Android OS. It sounds simple only if you are using newer devices. As the old devices are not getting that many decent updates, only way getting out of it would be buying a better device. But if you don’t want to part away from your first love, you can try rooting your device.

You can root your device and install custom ROMS to use latest Android OS. We recommend xda-developers for rooting guide. If you are not familiar with the rooting process, you can take a look at How to Safely Root Lenovo K3 Note Marshmallow (The Correct Way). This should give you an idea about the rooting process.

Note that rooting the device may permanently break your device if you aren’t careful in selecting method and implementing it. Installing the latest custom ROM may also be harmful to the older devices. To simply put, if the device is not capable enough to run the latest OS ( lack of RAM, battery etc), you will face a lot of issues which may eventually make your device a piece of junk.

The above Play Store fixes should solve the issue. Leave a comment down below if you like to share about the solution you used to fix the problem.

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