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So while looking around in Google Play Store for wanting to try out some new apps, I encountered an error which I thought I will never have to face. An old error saying “This item isn’t available in your country“, blocking me from downloading the app. I realized that the Play Store fix I used before was just a temporary solution. As I have switched my device and will be switching again, it is time to find a permanent solution. And so I have decided to put together this article to show the play store fix I used.

Before we start this, let me tell you that rooting of the device is not required. The play store fix I have used follows the same steps as the temporary solution so I have included it as well. All we need is a VPN app and little bit of time. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network which in simple terms, will help in changing the device location for play store.

One-Time Solution:

play store fix1

1.Go to Google play store and search for “VPN” apps in the search box. You can use almost any VPN apps and it will still work. For the tutorial, I will be using the SuperVPN app. It gives 20 days free trial which is more than enough. But do bear with some ads as there is no way to eliminate them. You can try other VPN alternatives like TunnelBear VPN.

play store fix2

2.Install the app and wait till it finishes loading. Tap on the menu at the top-right corner, the vertical 3 dots and tap on “Select Location“. Pick the “United States” from the list.

play store fix3

3.Now tap on the “Connect” button in middle and wait till the app creates a private network. You can see the remaining time left for the connection once it is finished.

play store fix4

4.Next step will be to erase your play store data. Go to the Settings > Apps> Google Play Store > Clear Data. This will erase all data so you can set-up your play store again.

play store fix5

5.Open the play store and tap “accept” to play store conditions. Now you can install the apps which were blocked before due to a different country.

If following above steps still didn’t lift the restrictions, use a different Email ID. You can add multiple Email ID by going to Settings>Accounts>Add Account.

play store fix8

You don’t have to go further if you do not have any plans to install country restricted apps later on. But if you are frequently encountering this error then it can be little hectic. You will always need a VPN app installed and not to mention, clear play store data every single time.

For a permanent fix, you will need a U.S. Google play store. If your location is selected as the United States as default, then you won’t need the VPN app and can easily browse & install apps till your heart’s content. Just follow on.

Take a Further Step 

For the permanent play store fix, you will have to install another app which is Google Wallet. With a little bit of editing in google wallet, you can kiss this error goodbye.

play store fix6

  1. First, go to the Google Wallet website through either PC or Mobile device. Sign-In with the Email Id which you are using in play store in your device. The website will ask you for the payment details and your location. Select the location “United States” if it’s different.
  2. Next, fill the Postcode of any of the states. You can find postcodes for all states at us zip codes.
  3. Now, select the “Add a payment method later“. You don’t need to put any details.
  4. We are almost there. Click on settings button located at the right side and edit your address with any of the random address from United States. You can skip this step but just edit it to avoid any errors, just in case.
  5. It is time to use your device again if you used PC/laptop for above steps. Download the Google Wallet app from the play store. Do note that you will have to clear play store data and use VPN app if you haven’t done it. Otherwise, the play store will not show the app.
  6. Open the Google Wallet App and Sign-In with the Email id you edited. Wait for few hours and presto! You won’t be needing VPN apps anymore to check out all the restricted apps.

Following above steps will eliminate the error permanently. Of course, I can’t guarantee it if the play store future updates include any counter -measures against it. But until then, we can all browse through all apps without any errors. There are some other methods available on YouTube but, it requires the installation of third-party apps from unknown sources. The apps may contain malware or spyware, so I won’t be including it here. YouTube also got its fair share of errors, so you have to look for a fix again if you encounter it.

Write down below in comments section when the play store fix works for you. You can also share your own experience with the error and fix you used to deal with it, there can be never too many play store fix!

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  1. I recently bought a Wileyfox Swift 2 Plus in UK, and am presently in India. I wanted to use the Reliance jio sim, but i am unable to install myjio app, which i required for the sim-activation. It says that the item is not available in my country. Is it because that Wileyfox is a UK device? Is there a way i could solve this?


    • Thanks a lot for the blog. it worked wonder. Had been suffering form this issue of ‘not available to download in your country’ for over a month but finally its fixed today thanks to your fix. Great work!!!

  2. When I go to the step of deleting the data from the Google Play store I get the following message “All of this application’s data will be deleted permanently. This includes all files, settings, accounts, databases, etc.” What is the impact of this? What exactly will I be deleting?

    • It is the same as the message implies.All accounts associated with your Google Play along with their settings will be deleted.There won’t be any problem since you can just add your accounts again. I suggest syncing your Google accounts before deleting the Play Store data.

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