Become Smart At Catching Pokemon : Pokemon Go Smart Poke is Back!

After waking up from a sweet afternoon nap, I hop onto my computer as usual. I checked for any new comments on the blog while half-asleep and there was one waiting for my approval. Having read the comment, I started screaming with excitement. I will be honest. It sounds like an exaggeration, but the scream was indeed in my head. What I found in the comment was that the Smart Poke is back! A big shout out to Cyril for the comment; who also happens to be the developer of Smart Poke. During one of my previous article about the Pokemon Go Joystick, I was a bit too late in introducing Smart Poke V2 due to Niantic Witch Hunting. But now I have another chance to play Pokemon Go Smart Poke!


The timing of the Smart Poke couldn’t be any better as the latest Pokemon Go update has been rolled out for both Android and iOS. As I was already addicted from using various tracking apps, the in-game tracking is now not up to my taste. But If you are like me, then look no further. The Pokemon Go Smart Poke is back with more firepower than before. The latest version of Smart Pokemon is equipped with new features. So I decided to put together a small guide explaining the new features.

How to Track Pokemon with Pokemon Go Smart Pokemon :

  • First of all, the app isn’t available in Google Play Store. Applying the Play Store fix won’t make it magically appear. The app can be downloaded from either dropbox or from another cloud source –
  • Download and install the app. Next, what you’ll need is a PTC (Pokemon Trainer Club) account. Do remember to use different username and Email-ID for the registration. Picking the same information as your Pokemon Go account may create difficulties in a long run. For an example, getting a temporary or even permanent ban.
  • Turn on your device’s GPS and open the Smart Pokemon app.
  • Log-in with your newly created PTC account and wait till the app connects to the server. The app gives the option to cancel the Log-in process. But doing so will affect the app functions and Pokemon tracking will not work properly.
  • If the app fails to detect your current location and showing the world map, tap on the button at the bottom-right corner and the app will detect your current location.
  • Now we are good to go. Just Long tap on any location of the map and the app will start tracking.

 Pokemon Go Smart Poke2

  • At the bottom center of the screen, the app will show a percentage indicator displaying current tracking process. Wait till the display hits 100%.
  • Now you can see the exact location of the Pokemon on the map. Tapping on the Pokemon will show a timer indicating the remaining time before the Pokemon becomes dump memory.
  • By adjusting the Auto-refresh option in the settings, you can also get notification of nearby Pokemon while playing the Pokemon Go. Just one tap on the notification and you will be dragged into the world of the Smart Pokemon app.

Don’t want to use any Third-party apps? Check Out our Pokemon Go Tracking Method which uses state of the art technology!

What’s New In Smart Pokemon V0.4 :

New Menu: The UI now have another menu bar at the top. The menu bar has filter icons and refresh function. Refresh button will rescan the area for any new spawned Pokemon.


New Filters : The app now features two new filtering option for tracking Pokemon. The distance filter allows the user to select between 400m to 2000m. The app will detect the surrounding Pokemon near selected location depending on the selected radius. The higher the distance, the larger area will be covered. The another filter is rarity filter. It is possible to specifically search for Pokemon depending on its rarity. The rarity filter ranges from common to Legendary.


Gym Location Tracking : Many of the Pokemon Go players are truly devoted to the game. If you are someone who travels to the different city every day for catching Pokemon,then this feature is a must for you. Of course, I am just joking, there is no way someone will go that far to play a game right? At least, you may not be one of them. The Gym tracking can be accessed by going to the menu and by selecting Gyms Map. This option can be used to look for nearby gyms when you are in different cities or in places like Area 51.


Gym Status :  It is also possible to check gym’s status. Tapping on the gym icon on the map will show the gym status. The gym status shows the details of trainer defending the gym and gym’s level. It also shows the defending team and defending Pokemon.

Tasker & Gym Notification :

It is possible to get the notifications while you the player is defending a gym. The player will also receive the notifications when defending gym is captured by another player. This function is not inbuilt and requires the user to install Tasker app before installing the Smart Pokemon app. If you have already installed the app and want to use the tasker feature, then you have to uninstall the Smart Pokemon app. Then install the Tasker app and reinstall the Smart Pokemon app.


Dedicated Settings Option : The settings are divided into two categories to avoid confusion. Both tracking and gym tracking function have their own separate settings options.

There we go! This concludes all the basic features of Pokemon Go Smart Poke app. Now, I am wondering since the Pokemon Go Smart Poke is back, will the other tracking apps will be revived too? Leave some of your thoughts down below!

Source : Nearby Pokemon Scan With Notification

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