Pokemon Go Tracking : Know Your Location To Track’Em All

So I am still playing Pokemon Go, trying to uncover its deepest dark secrets. Constantly searching for a way to lure the most common bug-type Pokemon “Failed to detect location” & “GPS signal not found” & catch them, once’em for all. But after putting on so much effort, it was all wasted in the end due to the in-game tracking. Now it’s time to abandon all trackers and find my own tracking method. I started stalking my city map and finally found a trick which made me free from the tracker’s tormenting. It’s time for you to do the same and be an expert at Pokemon go tracking, without any trackers.

So putting the whole drama aside, I noticed something while catching Pokemon. After that, it became easy to capture a lot of Pokemon without wasting hours of time. The new update brought new trial tracking systems for a set number of players, but time will tell if it’s effective or not. The method I use is perfect for me as I only catch Pokemon in certain areas of the city every day.

This is something I tested for the whole week and it worked like a cheat. It should be same for everyone. All it needs is a little bit of memorizing. You can now easily play Pokemon go without moving and it’s also possible to catch Pokemon with Pokemon Go joystick.

Pokemon Go Tracking in Known Locations:

This method only requires your time and do not need any tools or apps. Also, it is only useful if you keep playing the game in same areas. For now, take a look at the image below.

pokemon go tracking location

The image above shows the map of an area of my city. Let’s call it location A. The red circle shows the spawning points of Pokemon. So every time I visit location A, all I have to do is get into the same area marked as red circles in the map and bingo! There will be a Pokemon. The Pokemon surely is different every time, but as long as I get there, there will be a Pokemon waiting for me.

The game mechanics spawns a random Pokemon for set amount of time. Different type of Pokemon appears for different locations,but one thing that remains same is their spawn location. So what if you know spawn points of different areas? You will be actually able to catch Pokemon instead of wasting time in running around different blocks of your city.

Let me shed some more lights. For example, let’s say there are 6 spawn points in your current area & you know about them. Then, the game tracker shows 4 Pokemon around your location. So what you need to do is check out all six spawn points one by one instead of blinding running around and hoping to get lucky. You will be able to find all four Pokemon of your current location and can gladly be able to move on to different location.

The few pictures down below are the proof of what I mentioned. If you look closely, the location is the same. It is the hottest spawn point of the Location A of my city. Now let’s go for Pokemon Go tracking!

pokemon go tracking fix

pokemon go tracking fix2

Finding The Pokemon Spawn Point :

Once you know all the spawn points of different location, it becomes a walk in the park. It’s time to put an end to the blind chase. Finding spawn points are easy since you do not need to perform any additional tasks. Here is how you can go for Pokemon go tracking:

  • Start with the locations near your home. These areas you will be visiting daily so it’s best to get familiarize with it in the Pokemon Go.
  • Look for the nearby Pokemon.
  • When you find a Pokemon, remember it’s exact location where it appeared.
  • You can either remember it by in-game map location or by its real position. For example, in your garden or at the nearby mall. It’s your choice.
  • That’s it. You can now narrow down exact spawn point by keep visiting the same locations where you caught Pokemon before.
  • You will see that Pokemon will always spawn around those locations.
  • Repeat the process for different areas & farming the Pokemon will be a piece of cake. It’s time to level-up again.

For me, spawn points are always at the end of the streets and at the cross-section of the road. I have checked it for different areas of the different cities. And No, I am not crazy or addicted.

Drawbacks :

There are some drawbacks of this method,but they aren’t that major.

  • It is very time-consuming. But it’s not a problem if you gonna play the game for a long time.
  • Finding spawn locations depends on the number of spawned Pokemon. If there are always few Pokemon around a certain area, locating all spawn points will take ages.

So what do you think? Can you be an expert at Pokemon Go tracking with this method? No matter how many time the in-game Pokemon tracker changes, this method will always work unless the devs at Niantic change the whole game mechanics! Leave a comment down below if it works for you or not.

[P.S : If you want, I can attach hundreds of pictures of Pokemon spawning in same locations!]

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