Pros and Cons of Doing a Factory Reset on your Laptop

Whenever we think about going for ‘Factory Data Reset’ for our mobile or laptop the first thing that strikes our mind is will there be any harm to the exciting data and application? We are often worried about it and it may be because we might have suffered the loss of important files and applications in the past that we might not have Backup.

On the other hand, we enjoy the smoother, faster and error-free working of our device after carrying out a ‘Factory Data Rest’. There is no lag, no hang, and nothing to interrupt the speed of your work once you reset the things to default. Like every other thing, the idea of carrying out the factory data reset on your computers or laptops have two opposite sides. Some of the results may be in favor while others may lead you to disappointment.

Stay tuned with the write-up to know more about the advantages and disadvantages of carrying out a Factory Data Reset on your Laptop.

Planning a Factory Data Reset? Consider the Following Pros and Cons

Going for a Factory Data Reset has both the pros and the cons, both the factors are briefly discussed in details below.

While you go with factory data reset, you get an option for clean reset or keep the other data. The first option allows you to remove all your data, which includes cache files. Meanwhile, the second option removes only the cache but not the entire data.

However, you may lose some of the parts which may or may not be recoverable. So, it is recommended to go for a prior backup. If you have a complete backup for all your data and files going for factory data reset would have the following consequences.


  • You would be able to resolve any issue occurring in your device that hinders it from functioning in an appropriate manner. Resetting your laptop makes it run all over again in the desired efficient manner.
  • Factory data reset is often useful when your system is passed onto you from your sibling or is second hand in any form. It helps you in removing unwanted trash and junk in a single go.
  • You can then plan your system in a personalized manner without any compromise with your device memory or outlook.
  • Factory Data Reset makes your device work as smoothly as it was when you just bought it, it’s like new again. It is most helpful in cases when your device is unresponsive to certain issues. It is the best way to resolve them.
  • It resolves your issues in the minimum possible time. Some of us may fear the installation process thinking it is highly time-consuming but it is the fastest process in all the ways considered calling the service provider at your home or sending your laptop at the service center. If you are unaware of the process you can search ‘How to Factory Reset Windows 10 Fast’ and you would get the entire step by step process in a detailed manner.
  • The files that were originally installed in your laptop at the time of purchase would be intact even after the reset. You just have to back up the software and media you added later.
    It can be carried out easily and also remotely in case of loss of the device to ensure the security of your data.

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  • It is helpful only when you are removing data of the stored in the internal memory of your device. That means all the data stored in the external devices cannot be deleted with the help of a factory data reset.
  • From the security point of view, it is questionable because data-centric perception considers it as a threat. You might lose a considerable amount of relevant and important data.
    If you do not have a strong and sound backup you may never be able to get back your important files. You may have to recreate them or things like pictures and videos that relate to your personal memories may be a permanent loss.
  • If you go for factory data reset without having the keys of the licensed software installed in your laptop, you might have trouble reinstalling them back.
  • Factory data reset is a good thing for your laptop if you carry it out once in a while within a considerable time gap of a period of 2 to 3 months but if you carry it out frequently it may be a considerable loss to the device memory that is the RAM and the ROM.
  • One more important thing that is affected by the factory data reset be it your mobile or laptop is the battery life of your device. So, do not carry out the factory data reset on your device often. Take it into practice only when it is mandatory otherwise, it may make the unwanted and undesired loss to your device.
  • If you carry out the reset without knowing the proper way, you may get stuck in an infinite loop and your Windows laptop may be dead for good. So, it is not always advisable to go for the reset. In process of solving one problem, you may be stuck in the problem with no solution. The loss would harm your data, time and money in different ways.

Final Words

Factory Data Reset is just like any other tool that is designed for a purpose on your device but one should know how and when to use the tool to avoid undesired consequences. If you use this tool in the limit, within recommendations without performing any hit and trial methods you can gain the possible benefits else you might have to suffer the loss for your data and in the worst possible case to your device.

Understand the difference between the hard reset and the factory reset before you begin with the process. Do not perform any changes in the settings and operations unless you are aware of the results.

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